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This section describes how to load PDF files from the server to iOS programs.

In quicklook frameworkQlpreviewcontrollerClass. To use this class, you can view the following documents:

A) iwork document
B) Microsoft Office documents
C) RTF document
D) PDF document
E) Image
F) Text File
G) CSV (separated by commas)


In this tutorial, I will display a PDF file, which may be placed anywhere: Server or application bundle. But for better demonstration, I will get this file from the server.

Step 1: Open xcode to create the following interface:

Step 2: add the quick look framework to the project and import the corresponding header file in the. h file of View Controller: # import <quicklook/quicklook. h>. Create a qlpreviewcontroller instance in the didselectrowatindex method of table view, and specify its datasource and delegate.

-(Void) tableview :( uitableview *) tableviewdidselectrowatindexpath :( nsindexpath *) indexpath {


// Use different URL strings to initialize fileurl objects

Switch (indexpath. Row ){

Case 0:

Fileurl = [nsurl urlwithstring: kstringurlviewcontrollerpdf];



Case 1:

Fileurl = [nsurl urlwithstring: kstringurlqlpreviewcontrollerpdf];


Case 2:

Fileurl = [nsurl urlwithstring: kstringurluidocumentinteractioncontrollerpdf];



// Create a qlpreviewcontroller instance

Qlpreviewcontroller * previewcontroller = [[qlpreviewcontrolleralloc] init];


// Set the datasource attribute to self

Previewcontroller. datasource = self;


// Press qlpreviewcontroller into the navigationcontroller stack.

[[Self navigationcontroller] pushviewcontroller: previewcontroller animated: Yes];



Code Description:

The main code has been annotated. We initialized the filurl object, which is an nsurl and will be used as the datasource of qlpreviewcontroller to load the PDF file.


Step 3: implement the qlpreviewcontroller datasource method. In this method, the PDF is displayed.

# Pragma markqlpreviewcontrollerdatasource


// Returns the number of preview controllers to be previewed.

-(Nsinteger) numberofpreviewitemsinpreviewcontroller :( qlpreviewcontroller *) previewcontroller





// Return the content to be previewed by the preview controller.

Returns the item thatthe preview controller shoshould Preview

-(ID) previewcontroller :( qlpreviewcontroller *) previewcontrollerpreviewitematindex :( nsinteger) idx


Return fileurl;


Code Description:

Numberofpreviewitemsinpreviewcontroller: This method notifies quick look preview controller of the number of items in the preview navigation window (required ).

Previewitematindex: The method returns the specified entry based on the index (required ).

Step 4: add the view to the navigation controller, and then add the navigation controller to the window. You can also choose not to use the navigation controller.

Step 5: run the program and view the PDF's

You can scale and print PDF files.

You can also use uidocumentinteractioncontroller, but it is a bit complicated and I think quick look is simpler.

Source code: Here.

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