Load pictures in Unity two mode

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See the grass and sheep hair pictures, is also really lazy.
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usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingUnityengine;usingUnityengine.ui;usingSystem.IO; Public classreadpictures:monobehaviour{Privateimage Image; Private stringLoadPath ="d:/someother/ngui/assets/streamingassets/test.jpg";//path loaded by IO mode    Private stringPicpathwww ="test.jpg";//load mode path of www//Use this for initialization    Private voidStart () {image= getcomponent<image>(); //Io method loading speed fast//Loadbyio (); //WWW loading speed is slowloadbywww (); }    Private voidLoadbyio () {DoubleStartTime = (Double) Time.time; //Create a file streamFileStream FileStream =NewFileStream (LoadPath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); Filestream.seek (0, Seekorigin.begin); //create a buffer for file length        byte[] bytes =New byte[Filestream.length]; //Read FileFileStream.Read (Bytes,0, (int) filestream.length); //release file read LiuFilestream.close ();        Filestream.dispose (); FileStream=NULL; //Create Texture        intwidth = -; intHeight =372; Texture2d texture2d=Newtexture2d (width, height);        Texture2d.loadimage (bytes); Sprite Sprite= Sprite.create (Texture2d,NewRect (0,0, Texture2d.width, texture2d.height),NewVector2 (0.5f,0.5f)); Image.sprite=Sprite; DoubleTime = (Double) Time.time-StartTime; Debug.Log ("io load Time:"+Time ); }    Private voidloadbywww () {Startcoroutine (Load ()); }    Private stringURL ="file://D:/SOmeOther/NGUI/Assets/StreamingAssets/";//private String url = "Https://timgsa.baidu.com/timg?image&quality=80&size=b9999_10000&sec=1502532130856&di=7135149ed906483861efdfc9770def3b& Imgtype=0&src=http%3a%2f%2fwww.newasp.net%2fattachment%2fsoft%2f2017%2f0811%2f144057_83971519.png "; Of course, you can change the URL of the network image to load the network pictures    PrivateIEnumerator Load () {DoubleStartTime = (Double) Time.time; www www=NewWWW (URL + picpathwww);//only URLs can be placed//www www = new www (URL);//can only be placed URL here to change the URL of the network        yield returnwww; if(www!=NULL&&string. IsNullOrEmpty (Www.error)) {texture2d Texture=www.texture; //Create a SpriteSprite Sprite = sprite.create (texture,NewRect (0,0, Texture.width,texture.height),NewVector2 (0.5f,0.5f) ); Image.sprite=Sprite; DoubleTime = (Double) Time.time-StartTime; Debug.Log ("www load time:"+Time ); }    }}

Loading pictures in Unity two

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