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Author: Michael Yuan Blog: [url] http://yuanxf.blog.51cto.com/#/url]
There are a lot of related content on the Internet for LoadRunner 8.1 cracking. The versions are copied from each other. However, according to the method, we found that many functions of LR 8.1 still cannot be used normally.
In order to load the software performance, after repeated attempts by the author (Michael Yuan), the solution was revised and the installation was successful.
Download LR 8.1 from the Internet. One is to generate a temporary installation directory, and the other is to install it directly. The difference is that during installation, the latter needs to enter registration information, while the former does not.
1. During the installation process, the NEXT step is usually followed by the default settings. The installation is complete.
2. decompress the two files in the attachment.
The lm70.dll file overwrites the files under x: Program FilesMercuryLoadRunnerin.
The mlr5lprg. dll file must overwrite the following two folders:
X: Program FilesMercuryLoadRunnerin
X: Program FilesMercuryLoadRunnerinulipin

The description of the lm70.dll file is with conbined license support, which is a license support file;
Mlr5lprg. dll should be a file that saves the license.

Run LR8.1, open the license Manager, click Add new license, copy the old license, OK, verification passed!
7.8 and 8.0 General licenses include:
This method is applicable to the English version 8.1 and Chinese Version 8.1. The test passes successfully and the test is successful! Pai_^

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