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The RSTAT protocol allows users on the network to obtain performance parameters for each machine on the same network.

You need to download 3 packages:
(1) rsh-0.17-14.i386.rpm
(2) rsh-server-0.17-14.i386.rpm
(3) rpc.rstatd-4.0.1.tar.gz

First, installation rsh

See if RSH is installed and uninstalled

[Email protected]/]# RPM-QA |grep rsh--see if RSH is installed

[[email protected]/]# RPM-E + version number--Uninstall this version

Installing Rsh,rsh-server

[Email protected]/]# RPM-IVH rsh-0.17-14.i386.rpm

[Email protected]/]# RPM-IVH rsh-server-0.17-14.i386.rpm

or [[email protected]/] #yum-y install rsh*

Second, installation rstatd

Download and install RSTATD,:HTTP://SOURCEFORGE.NET/PROJECTS/RSTATD, upload to/usr/local

See if it's installed and Linux is not installed in general

[Email protected]/]# Find/-name rpc.rstatd

Installing RSTATD

[Email protected]/]# TAR-XZVF rpc.rstatd-4.0.1.tar.gz

[Email protected]/]# CD rpc.rstatd-4.0.1

[Email protected]/]#./configure

[[email protected]/]# make

[[email protected]/]# make install

third, after the installation is complete configuration rstatd Target Daemon Process xinetd , the configuration file is in /ETC/XINET.D directory under

Modify the Disable in the 3 conf (rogin,rsh,rexec) below the/ETC/XINETD.D directory to set to No

[[email protected]/]# CD/ETC/XINETD.D--Go to the/etc/xinetd.conf directory

[[Email protected]/]# VI rlogin--edit Disable=no, save

[Email protected]/]# VI rsh--edit Disable=no, save

[[Email protected]/]# VI rexec--edit Disable=no, save

Four, start rpc.rstatd

[[email protected]/]# RPC.RSTATD--Start the RPC.RSTATD process

[[email protected]/]# rpcinfo-p--Perform this command to check the status of the RPC service

If the rstatd description does not appear to be successful, you need to repeat the above steps.

So far, the necessary services for LR monitoring Linux have been installed.

Five, close the firewall

[[Email protected]/]# service iptables stop

Vi. Utilization of LR in the Controller Monitoring Linux Resources

    1. In the controller, drag the UNIX resources in System Resource graphs to the resource monitoring area on the right.
    2. right mouse button Select Add measurements, add the IP address of the monitored Linux x.x.x.x, select the performance indicators to be monitored, confirm.

Note: The Linux firewall will be shut down during monitoring, otherwise it may fail to monitor

Vii. problems encountered

1. LoadRunner the following error when monitoring Linux Resources:

Monitor Name:unix Resources. Cannot initialize the monitoring on Error while creating the RPC client. Ensure that the machine can is connected and that it runs the Rstat daemon (use Rpcinfo utility for this verification). Detailed error:RPC:Failed to create RPC client.
Rpc-tcp:failed to establish RPC server address.

Cause: The Linux system does not have the installation of RPC.RSTATD, the service is not open cause.

Workaround: Install RPC.RSTATD as described above and monitor Linux by turning it on.

2. configure:error:no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

Cause: The GCC compiler is not installed. Typing gcc–v on the command line, if you are prompted by command not found, indicates that the GCC compiler is not installed in your system

Workaround: Yum Install gcc

Simple Introduction to monitoring UNIX

LR monitors Unix, Unix starts a RSTATD service first
Here's how to start the RSTATD service in an IBM AIX system:
1. Use Telnet to log in to the AIX system as the root user
2. At the command line prompt, enter: vi/etc/inetd.conf
3, find rstatd, find
#rstatd sunrpc_udp UDP wait root/usr/sbin/rpc.rstatd rstatd 100001 1-3
4. Remove the #
5,: Wq Save the results of the changes
6. At the command prompt, enter: refresh–s inetd restart the service.
This allows you to monitor the performance of your AIX system using LoadRunner.

Note: When you finish editing inetd.conf on an HP UNIX system, restarting the INETD service requires input inetd-c
The RUP command can also be used on UNIX to see if the RSTATD program is configured and activated
If the RSTATD program is already running, restart, check the process ps-ef |grep inet, then kill the process, then refresh–s inetd to restart.

LoadRunner Monitoring Linux

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