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1. About error-27791: Error-27790: Error-27740:

The error is as follows:

Action. C (198): Error-27791: Server has shut down the connection prematurely

Action. C (198): Error-27790: failed to read data from server: [10053] software caused connection abort

Action. C (198): Error-27740: overlapped transmission of request to for URL

/Userentry. Do failed: wsa_io_pending


Add web_set_sockets_option ("overlapped", "0") at the beginning of the script ");

2. Error-27796: failed to connect to server


In the Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Tcpip \ Parameters, there are two key values:



1. Here, the default value of tcptimedwaitdelay should be 30 s, so here, adjust this value to 5 S (adjusted as needed ).

2. You can also increase the value of maxuserport (if this value is not the maximum value ).

3. Error-27727: Step download timeout (120 seconds)

View related information

Server bottleneck caused by too many application service parameter settings

Too many images on the page

When the program processes the table, check that there are too many fields


Run-Time Setting-> Internet protocol-> references-> Option-> step download timeout (SEC) to 32000. in addition, the maximum value of HTTP-request connect timeout and HTTP-request receive timeout is 1000.

4. Error-27791 connection prematurely

This error occurs when the controller is running:

Action. C (7): Error-27791: Server "" has shut down the connection prematurely

The solution is as follows:

1. The application server is dead. When a small user is involved in program problems, the program handles database problems.

2. Application Services are not dead. Application Service parameter settings. For example, if WebLogic application servers on many clients are rejected and no error is displayed on the server, the value of the acceptbacklog attribute of the server element in WebLogic may be too low. If the connection refused message is received during the connection, the value should be increased by 25% each time.

3. database connection. The performance parameter of the application service may be too small, and the maximum number of connections started by the database (related to the Hardware Memory)

4. Sometimes disabling anti-virus software will solve the above problems.

5. Failed to connect to server "Domain Name: 80": [10065] No route to host


There are two possible error messages: switch congestion, server network congestion, or failure to respond to the CPU (unable to handle Nic interruptions ).

Check whether iptables is enabled on the server to see what/proc/sys/NET/IPv4/ip_conntrack_max is.

6. TTP status-code = 500 (internal server error)


A. In this case, the developers have optimized the program and environment.

B. A large number of SQL statements are repeatedly executed through packet capture. We recommend that you optimize the SQL statements.

C. Optimize JVM. Machine configuration: 4 GB memory, 32 concurrent threads

-Xmx3800m-xms3800m-xmn2g-xss128k-XX: + useparallelgc-xxarallelgcthreads = 20

7. Http status-code = 504 (Gateway time-out)


502 when the Bad Gateway server acts as a gateway or proxy, the server returns an invalid response to access the next server to complete the request.

504 gateway timeout is used by a proxy or gateway server, indicating that the remote server cannot receive a response in a timely manner.

Solution: Multiple Tomcat services can be started. One Tomcat service may not support such high concurrency. (Generally, a tomcat service with a high configuration like IBM can support 2000 concurrent jobs .) (We do not have the right to ask our colleagues who have deployed the environment to help us make adjustments .)

8. Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading non-resource (s)


You can modify the configuration parameters (Tomcat) or adjust the timeout value in the program.

For example, <connector Port = "8080"

Maxthreads = "150" minsparethreads = "25" maxsparethreads = "75"

Enablelookups = "false" redirectport = "8443" acceptcount = "100"

DEBUG = "0" connectiontimeout = "20000"

Disableuploadtimeout = "true"/>

You can also adjust the LR configuration, but it is best not.

9. when running the scenario, the message "Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading Resource (s)" is displayed )"

Vuser_init.c (12): Error-27728: Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading non-resource (s)

Vuser_init.c (12): Error-27727: Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading Resource (s ). set the "Step timeout caused by resources is a warning" run-time setting to yes/no to have this message as a warning/error, respectively

If it is not an error to download a page for more than 2 minutes, you can select preferences-> options in the run-time settings to modify the time of step download timeout (SEC ).

You can also set "Step timeout caused by resources is a warning" to "yes". In this way, resource download timeout is only used as a warning, not as an error message.

However, for non-resource download times out, when LoadRunner is used for testing, the following error occurs:

Vuser_init.c (26): Error-27727: Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading Resource (s ). set the "Step timeout caused by resources is a warning" run-time setting to yes/no to have this message as a warning/error, respectively

The above message indicates timeout, which is not necessarily a code issue. It may be due to a large load. If the server response exceeds 120 seconds, this error is reported. The solution is as follows:

1. Modify the request timeout in run time setting. The default value is 120. You can increase the value by modifying three parameters at a time. http-request connect timeout, HTTP-request receieve timeout and step download timeout are recommended to be modified to 600, 600, and 5000 respectively; after the run time setting is set, remember to set the relevant parameters in the run time setting of the control component option;

2. Set the winlnet replay instead of sockets option in the advaced area of Internet protocol-preferences in run time setting.

5. Abnormal Termination, caused by mdrv Process Termination


Boldly tried to modify the HTTP in D: \ Program Files \ mercury \ LoadRunner \ dat \ Protocols in LR. LRP information. Add a new maxthreadperprocess = number of vusers to be set under [vugen.

Message code 27979

Requested form not found

The form was not found in the page already ed from the server. possible reasons: (I) the current or a previous HTML page was changed after the script was recorded. (ii) a previous request navigated to a wrong page or failed. (iii) one or more web_submit_form arguments are missing or incorrect (especially for manually coded, parameterized, or correlated functions ). (iv) The server returned an unexpected page (e.g ., under excessive load ).


If the current or previous HTML page was changed, look for the correct properties of the form used in the text (e.g., Action), and change it in the script.

If your snapshots and extended log are disabled, enable them and run the script again.

(I) To enable snapshots: Select Tools> General Options> correlation, and check the Save correlation information during replay box.

(Ii) To enable extended log: Select Run-Time Settings> General: log, and check Enable logging, always send messages, extended log, data returned by server, advanced trace.

Compare the record and replay snapshots for each step in the script from the beginning, and locate the first difference. if you identify a difference in the snapshots, locate the corresponding HTTP request in both the recording log and the extended log. compare the requests and, if they are different, have the replay issue exactly the same request. this can be done, for example, by adding web_add_header (for adding missing headers or adjusting existing ones), web_remove_auto_header (for removing extra headers), and web_add_cookie (for missing cookies ).

If some correlation is missing, (e.g., the recording and replay runs have different session IDs), use the correlation tool to locate and handle such cases.

LoadRunner Test Problems

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