Local connection does not have a valid IP configuration troubleshooting

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Many netizens will encounter such a network problem, when the computer can not connect to the network, using the OWN Network Diagnostics tool to diagnose the hint: "Local connection does not have a valid IP configuration" This network failure is mostly out of the Windows 7 operating system that uses routers to share the Internet, windows 7 system is currently the most mainstream operating system, before also encountered a lot of network failures, but as long as you are familiar with the Windows 7 system, for the resolution of similar local connections do not have a valid IP configuration error can generally meet the toughness of the solution.

Network Diagnostics Prompt "Local Area connection does not have a valid IP configuration" failure

Encountered a network Diagnostics prompt "Local connection does not have a valid IP configuration" failure, first of all we check the router settings are not a problem, such as whether the DHCP function is turned off (DHCP refers to the automatic assignment of IP address to the computer), if the feature is turned off manually to set the IP address.

However, through the major forums to learn more, many users have not been to move the router, also did not have to set up what DHCP function, began to surf the internet is good, behind the situation is not enough, you can try to solve the following methods:

⒈ network IP address to automatically obtain IP address

Step: Go to the network and Sharing Center, click "Change adapter Settings" On the left, as shown below:

Right-click Local Area Connection and select Properties, as shown in the following figure:

Local Area Connection property settings

Windows7 local Connection Properties Settings interface

As shown above, go to the Windows7 local connection Properties setting interface, first we remove "Internet Protocol version 6 (Icp/ipv6)" before √, and then select Internet Protocol version 4 (ICP/IPV4) Click the following properties to set the IP address set to automatically obtain, the following figure:

Windows7 local connection automatically gets IP address settings

In general, the IP address is set to automatically obtain confirmation, the computer can be restored to the Internet, if the beginning is automatic acquisition settings, then we need to use fixed IP address settings to try.

If the above settings have no effect, we recommend that you focus on checking the router settings, the network is not a problem, such as direct use of cat dial-up Internet Check whether there is a problem, there is no problem, then check the router, and finally not, we recommend reinstalling the NIC driver, as long as it is not where the Generally these operations are sufficient to help you troubleshoot general network problems, about the local connection does not have a valid IP configuration solution for everyone to introduce here, I hope to help.

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