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Local talent site competition is very fierce, a lot of home site competition, the fittest, to make their own talent site success, optimization is very important, take the following three steps, is the key.

First, the user experience

User experience directly affects the site's PV and consultation rate, want to upgrade the PV site first to improve the site's user experience. According to the local user group design suitable website page is the foundation work of website optimization. Talent site has a specific user community, we have to do is to be as convenient as possible and please these users, and finally reached a deal. Summarize and analyze the information that users need, put the information that users care about in the most conspicuous place of the website, do not skimp on the use of pictures, the modified text is easier to attract the user's eyes. It is best not to let the user find the information he wants, we should give him a direction to guide the user to find the information they need. Corporate website should be concise, the atmosphere, so that users can enter the site will be able to remember the company name

Second, keyword optimization

The user's search habits are changing, so our keyword optimization strategy should also change. Baidu Drop-down box, Baidu related search and so will affect the user's search habits, we need to analyze the keyword search every day, timely correction of the adverse user search keywords. Through the small light analysis, found that daily consulting customers, many are through the long tail keywords into the site's users. Although the target keyword can enhance the website traffic and the consultation rate, but the competition is also quite intense. But the long tail keyword competition is small, but the latent user is many. Therefore, in the Daily keyword optimization strategy, the long Tail keyword optimization is very important. All we have to do is set up the long tail keywords that all users may search for, and make the Kang optimization, which will add up to the final qualitative change. Long Tail keyword optimization effect is, through the long tail word into the site more visitors than the target keyword entry visitors.

Third, website promotion

Enterprises in different industries need to promote the Web site is not the same, such as some suitable for talent network promotion but not necessarily suitable for the promotion of the Forum, suitable for micro-BO promotion is not necessarily suitable for the promotion of classified information. As to what kind of promotion method is suitable also need according to the custom of the customer, different user group will have dissimilar internet habits. Master the promotion of the way we will play to the extreme, so that the flow of the site attracted considerable. Promote the use of corporate web site blog Promotion is a better way to promote, because today's mainstream blog is very easy to accept users, but also to avoid the hard ads on the user's impact. and forum promotion is the necessity of the top posts, so as to make the post enduring, but now can send ads forum too little, if there are resources can also get a lot of traffic. Of course, the best way or soft text to promote, but the requirements of writing must be better, a good article can bring the flow of the site is very considerable.

Repeat customers are the best visitors, remember one of the goals is to build their loyalty with the site. So at the end of the page, don't forget to invite them to subscribe to your website and provide email options to facilitate the visitor's operation.

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