"Local tyrants" asteroid 20th morning flying the Earth value of over $5 trillion

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According to the United States Space Weather website, among the 1599 asteroids currently found, there is a platinum core asteroid called UW-158, Beijing time July 20 6:30 A.M., reaching a perigee of only 2.46 million kilometers from Earth, which is 6.4 times times the distance from the Earth to the moon. It capable network www.itnrw.com
The Slooh Space Research agency website announced that the Canary Islands Observatory telescope had been linked to the Internet, and that the public could see live video images from the site, while participating in online discussions on the value of the asteroid's future space exploration.
With a diameter of only 540 metres, the UW-158 contains 100 million tonnes of platinum cores and other precious metals, and scientists speculate that their potential value could exceed $5 trillion.
It is learnt that the "interest" in the United States was founded in 2012, "Planetary Resources", the company has redefined the meaning of "natural resources", and has been hoping to explore the possibility of asteroids exploration of natural resources. The company's chief engineer is Chris Levich Chris Lewicki, a former NASA Mars mission director.

This article from: it capable network www.itnrw.com

"Local tyrants" asteroid 20th morning flying the Earth value of over $5 trillion

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