Location of frequently used folders in iPhone System

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IPhone SystemCommonFileThe detailed description of the folder location is described in this article.FileDirectory, suitable for beginners. Let's take a look at the details.


Installation Directory of Common Software

2./private/var/mobile/Media/iphone video Recorder]

Video file storage directory


Storage directory of photo files taken by cameras


Multimedia files uploaded by iTunes, such as MP3 and MP4, are stored in directories. The files are not modified, but the file name is changed. You can directly download them to your computer to read them.


E-book storage directory


The system's built-in call ringtone storage directory uses iTunes to convert the file to the ACC file, change the extension name to. m4r, and use iPhone_PC_Suite to upload it to/Library/Ringtones)


The directory where the system phone book is stored.

8./private/var/mobile/Media/iphone Recorder]

Recording file storage directory

9./Applications/Preferences. app/zh_CN.lproj]

Chinese-Simplified file storage directory of the software Preferences. app


Directory for storing system Wallpaper


Storage directory of system sound files


Ibrickr uploads a database created by the installer, which is estimated to be similar to the windows uninstall record.


Similar to the linux system, it is the directory where the system executes commands.


System text message storage directory


Temporary directory for running system processes? View all processes started by the System)


System Error record report

Summary:IPhone SystemCommonFileThe detailed description of the folder location is complete. Do you have a clear understanding of it through this article?IphoneOfSystem Files. Finally, I hope this article will help you!

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