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Recently, ie was unfortunately hijacked by rogue software and cannot be solved at the moment. Therefore, opera was used to solve the problem. But when I started using opera

We encountered a depressing problem.

Environment parameters:

    1. Windows xp pro SP2
    2. Opera/9.02 (Windows NT 5.1; U; ZH-CN)

Problem description:

When you open opera for the first time, you are prompted to import the favorite webpage address from IE to opera. There is no problem. Then, in IE

Sort the favorites, or directly go to the IE favorites to sort out the favorite web pages, and then open opera. It is found that the tags in opera are still the most

Start the URL imported from IE. Try to re-import the favorites content from IE, there are still some previously deleted links.


Since there are inconsistencies in the favorite web pages, it means that opera does not directly read data from the IE favorites, but import IE

Copy the data to your own directory, so that even after re-import, which pages have been deleted in the IE favorites will follow

Retained. To ensure the consistency between IE favorites and opera content, you need to clearly store the content in opera favorites, just like clearing cache data 1.


The primary goal is to find the location where the opera bookmarks are stored. The installation folder of opera cannot be found. I went online

In the left-side Navigation Pane, find the path "[drive letter for your operating system installation]/Documents and Settings/[Folder corresponding to your logon user, for example:

Administrator]/Application Data/Opera/profile ". If you enter the [Folder corresponding to the user you log on ],

Do not get frustrated when there is no application data folder. This folder is hidden by default. You only need to view all the folders.

See it. Then press the path to enter, find a file named opera6.adr in the folder, and use "Notepad"ProgramOpen it. Obviously,

It stores all the bookmarks of opera and clears and saves them. Then, import the IE favorites so that the bookmarks of opera are the same as those of IE.


Edit: Later, it was found that you can easily access the file that stores bookmarks from opera. The process is as follows: "bookmarks/manage bookmarks/[found in the toolbar

"file"]/Open "and then you can see the opera6.adr file in the pop-up dialog box, and then you can perform operations.

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