LODOP print control does not print CSS background map what to do

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Background:url () This is a CSS background map, the HTTP protocol will download the background map asynchronously, so it is easy to wait for the download to begin printing, so lodop do not print CSS background map.
LODOP does not print the CSS background, but there are other ways to output the background map, in the hypertext can also use a normal image using hierarchical relationship as the background map output,img picture set style Z-index negative value (such as style= ' Z-index:- 1; ).
Other background and output methods can refer to other blog posts.

LODOP Print HTML hypertext can output CSS background color, but can not output the background map, see figure One:

By setting the IMG picture to set the style z-index to negative, you can overlay the normal picture below as the background graph output, see figure two:

LODOP print control does not print CSS background map what to do

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