Logical defects in luogic thinking

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Recently, Youku chased the series "luogic thinking. Luo fatzi named the program "Luo Ji thinking", indicating that he did not have a "cutting" series. There are indeed logical defects.

After all, it's a liberal arts student. He was brainwashed in white. For example, he apparently accepted the "non-black and white" binary philosophy of Westerners. Note that this is a binary philosophy, not the "dual" philosophy of Taoism. The black and white of Chinese civilization philosophy can be converted to each other. Therefore, Luo's thinking from the root is wrong.

He has shown this in many places. For example, in Western Academia, either scientific or religious. Adhering to this point, he is not a Chinese. He mentioned that Westerners define science as a theory that can be falsified, or religion. This is ridiculous for a Chinese student who has studied high school mathematics. I am not opposed to the definition of "science" by Westerners, because this concept was originally intended for Western people. But is non-scientific religion? Can't we prove it to be religion? So what is verifiable? The verifiable probability graph is across two ranges: verifiable and non-verifiable.

He opposed Chinese medicine because he believed that Chinese medicine cannot be falsified. Therefore, obviously, in his opinion, "Chinese medicine is a religion ". You can't say that, right. Traditional Chinese medicine is not strictly classified as "verifiable. The philosophy of non-black and white has always been a major defect of Western civilization, and our Chinese civilization does not exist because we have Taoism. This is why western academia cannot explain the Chinese economy at all. Their theory of the collapse of China is not a nonsense either. There is a whole set of theoretical derivation, and the "scientific conclusion" is that the collapse of China. The result is incorrect. Therefore, Westerners do not understand it.

It is very important to learn High School Mathematics well. For "science", Chinese people should specify the proper position of this thing. Even Westerners themselves say that "scientists" are miserable. The reason why they are engaged in science is that they will prove wrong sooner or later. Therefore, according to the Understanding sent by Westerners, "Science" and truth do not match each other.

Logical defects in luogic thinking

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