Logical operator of PHP basic syntax

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Baidu Experience > Maternity/Education > Education > Vocational Education logical Operators for PHP basic syntax
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Step through Reading

Logical operators are logical and logical or logical, logical, OR

    1. 1

      And or && logic and

      Returns true if both sides of operands are true, otherwise false is returned

      Example $a and $b

      $a && $b

    2. 2

      OR OR | | Logical OR

      Returns False if both operands are false, otherwise true

      Example $a or $b

      $a | | $b

    3. 3

      Not OR! Logical Non-

      Returns False if the operand is true, otherwise true

      Example not $b

      ! $b

    4. 4

      XOR Logic XOR

      Returns True when both operations have only one true, otherwise false is returned

      Example $a XOR $b

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Logical operator of PHP basic syntax

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