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"No one on the internet knows you're a dog," the most famous word on the Internet profoundly illustrates one of the characteristics of the network: The multiplicity of network identities. To this day, this situation still exists, different identities also bring some trouble to users: blogs, forums, microblogging ... A variety of Web sites run between, the main ID, vest back and forth to switch-in different sites, identity travel often occur mistakes, and even forget the password, the wrong account and other phenomena.

Proud Tour Intelligent filling function is an intelligent Web site login management tools, it can save more than one Web site information, you can also save the same site with different ID login information, so that you login to the site, switching accounts handy, and do not have to fill the trouble for repeated, is absolutely "multiple identity" enthusiasts must be a tool.

Account number, password save quickly

The intelligent filling out function can be used after installing the proud browser, without installing additional plug-ins. Intelligent filling function is also very simple to use, when you need to save the page to fill in the user name, password, log in, the browser will prompt the user whether to save the current site password.

"Figure I"

If the user needs to save the password, simply click the "Save" button and the username and password information currently in use will be saved to the browser. When the user opens the Web site next time, the smart form will automatically add the user name and password to the login box, which is convenient.

Common identity information is more convenient

Although online "one person thousand noodles", but more times everybody likes to use the uniform user name. Proud Tour "Common identity" can help users save the most commonly used user names, passwords, so that you do not need to repeat them when using a different site.

"Figure II"

Users who need to use common identity information can go to the top left corner of the head to enter the choice of pride, access to the intelligent form of the general identity information to set free.

Easy to use, flexible, intelligent

Users have a variety of ways to use the stored accounts, passwords. Under normal circumstances, directly in the landing box click the left button, proud tour can be intelligent recognition, pop-up account filling out the form. Users can also use the smart filling button, directly select the Web site and account to log in, it would have required multiple steps of the login process to complete one step.

"Figure three"

In addition to saving passwords and common identity information, AO Tour also provides users with the "exception site" function, users can be some inconvenience to save the account, password of the site included.

The information stored in the Intelligent filling form is the user's account and password, which is very high in security requirements. With the account system, smart form will be based on different proud tour account, password saved separately, so there is no current account authorization, intelligent information can not be read by anyone, the perfect protection of user privacy security.

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