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Since the Windows Phone 8 version of QQ3.0, Tencent's official logo (especially the pin on the main screen logo) shown in the following picture, is this really good?

Obviously, as a regular user from WP7, I am quite dissatisfied, for the following two points:

 1. The importance of the standard color

The color of the logo is to a certain extent for the corporate visual image of the standard color set a tune, you can in a color, the logo is the enterprise's attributes, culture, ideas and other elements through the color, the combination of graphics released. The standard color has the extremely strong dissemination function and the recognition function, creatively develops and utilizes the standard color combination, through the color hue, the color, the brightness three aspects harmonious match, in which injects the enterprise idea the emotion tendency and the rational implication, this can not only strengthen the enterprise identification mark, the enterprise Identification System, the enterprise recognition image attraction and the dissemination force , but also greatly enhanced the production and operation of enterprises, the operation of the real state, the behavior of the binding force and incentive to achieve visualization of management.

At the same time, people's perception and association of color endows the color with symbolic or set indicative meaning, which makes the color become the unique semantic communication signal and visual media of human being. The purpose of setting up a standard color is to rely on this subtle production force to establish the image that the enterprise, brand or commodity is expected to establish as a powerful tool for business strategy.

What color is the QQ in your mind?

 2. Harmony and Beauty

Harmony is the unity between opposite things under certain conditions, concrete, dynamic, relative and dialectical, and it is the relationship between different things, which are mutually complementary, complementary, mutual cooperation, mutual benefit, mutual promotion and mutual development. Qing Zhao in the "ou North Poetry Poetry" said "from the middle of Tang, the prevalence of metrical, competition, talk about sound disease, so many syllables harmonious, wind round beauty." "Yi Zhongtian in the pre-Qin scholars in the Hundred schools of thought" in particular that "harmony" is not "everyone is the same."

For Windows Phone main screen color, in fact, Microsoft has already had the relevant guidelines (see photo), the official related pictures do not like some "user feedback" to the Windows Phone application logo design is unified into a color (transparent background), The official main screen display is often colourful. There is no doubt that many teams misunderstand the idea of harmony, and that "unity" is understood as "harmony".

Conclusion: I am an ordinary user, I hope that Tencent official attention to this issue, the main screen to replace the original version of the logo, otherwise he will always be in the main screen below, after all, too ugly.

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