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  • 1. What is JMX?

JTA: Java transaction API
Orm:Object-relational mapping
OO:Object orientation
JCA(Java connector system, Java Connector Architecture. JCA can help enterprise users to integrate e-trade applications using EIS (enterprise is)Program

1. What is JMX?

JMX is short for Java Management extension and is the Management Specification of Java applications. It can implement applications, hot swapping, hot configuration, and hot management;

In principle, JMX is only a reflection library, where:

1. Provides Object Registration and caching;

2. The registered object is analyzed for method calling;

3. Provides additional functions, such as loading, monitor, and relation;

4. provides a unified management interface;
Common Object Request Broker Architecture, abbreviated as "CORBA", is an Object Management Group) solutions proposed to meet the requirements of today's fast-growing software/hardware collaboration capabilities

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