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The night is deep, the body is sleepy, but the brain does not have a sleep. Sitting in front of the computer, start to tap on these words, let the fingers and keyboard for the text again in love. I know that I don't have the talent to write, and I don't have the natural text driving ability. I just wrote my emotions and feelings silently in this way. As a result, I learned silence and loneliness in my life. I also like Chen Ming's song "loneliness makes me so beautiful. "The noisy dance floor, the sound of people, I am easily drunk in the wine ......"

Time is like water, quietly flowing in the heart. With the breeze inviting the bright moon, watching the lonely wandering on the clear water, things such as sprinkling on the clear and clear beads, to the spring water to continue. I don't know when I started to get used to a person's life and enjoy loneliness in the bustling crowd. When I am alone, I go to my soul. Being lonely makes me have fun in my monologue. Maybe a person's life has been too long. When I was a child, I was introverted, not talkative, and unwilling to communicate with others. When I grew up, I always wanted to be alone and sit quietly by the lake at the door of my house. Now, I like to sit by the river or by the lake, watching the boat spring by spring, and the green water flow eastward. Then, integrate your feelings into the text. Therefore, I fell in love with loneliness inexplicably. I like the faint feeling of sorrow and smoke. I like to be alone and enjoy the beauty of a person's world.

Lonely, a slightly cool word. However, she is a confidant in my heart. When I am lonely, I can talk to my mind, write my voice in words, and use music to express my feelings. The loneliness is like a wang Qingquan, inadvertently penetrating my body and mind. Who is not lonely in a person's life? No matter whether it is a mortal or a great man, as long as the night is quiet, or alone, loneliness will quietly come. The depth of the soul of many people is lurking in the shadows of loneliness. The loneliness of Li Qingzhao turned into the rain of the ancient Silk Road. The loneliness of Zhang Ailing, a string of shadows, and a sigh of relief without words; the loneliness of the autumn rain, who felt the trekking of the ancient Silk Road, you can't wear the sand without passing through the years ...... Perhaps because of the cold heart, I suddenly felt that everyone was traveling.

Loneliness is a kind of beauty that can only be quietly appreciated. You can go far, not seek to play, and enjoy and not surpass. When the night is quiet, there is only a gentle wind, and the white windows are opened. The blue light in the sky is shining with the old light. Dark street lights, midnight cigarettes, umbrellas in the rain curtain, but the green leaves with red patterns in loneliness. In an empty room, I listened to my favorite music and tasted indifferent and sad. At this moment, my heart is dancing independently on my own stage. There is no audience in the stage, so I don't need to make up. I don't have to carry my hair with my hair. My hair is even a little messy, but I have rich expressions, I am crying. At this time, I can let my heart sleep in a peaceful harbor, and the long-lost warmth will quietly enter my lonely dream. In the dream of being intoxicated, you can no longer find yourself.


When I am lonely, I write words to let the words infiltrate the gaps in my mind. Where the text is fragrant, the melodious music is dancing with my dusty soul. I often access the Internet and write some text or diaries on the internet, claiming to be a person in love with the Internet. A good friend reminded me: "People who love Internet are actually lonely people ." He told me that I do not deny it. My communication is text. I use text to pile up a thick diary and a piece of mood text. After sleeping in the text for a long time, you will find that life is wet, and you will be sentimental in an inexplicable Daze. When I hit a text or diary, I felt the cool Loneliness from my fingertips. Actually, loneliness is not just a person in love with the internet, but a person with stories. Because loneliness is everywhere. The village path, Shepherd's late return, is lonely; mud clothing ancient Willow, short flute blowing, is also lonely; all lonely, cold river fishing snow, or lonely; one man, all empty, is also lonely ......

In the lonely night, the light moonlight is on the window, and the night is a little mysterious. He looked at his brother lying in the bed and fell asleep. Then he went to the window in the corridor to reveal the fresh air. A patient in the ward next door said, "This afternoon, four beds left ." I nodded and thought: the greatest loneliness in the world is death. In death, people are condensed into wild flowers. Wild flowers are not flowers. They are forgotten by nature. They have long been used to loneliness. Therefore, they are not afraid of death. I keep myself in the hospital every day and have become accustomed to the busy rescue room. When I heard a patient's family say, "several beds have left again. Since my brother and I were hospitalized in this treatment area these two days, I don't know how many cries I have heard or how many people I have heard to say the same thing in a single day. It seems that I am numb to this. A few days ago, when I first came to the first knowledgeable old professor and an uninformed old lady, I was thinking: knowledgeable old professor and an uninformed old lady, for the seriousness of life and indifference to death, in the final part of life, understanding and attitude should be the same. This is what we call the same things!

Loneliness is a kind of beautiful mood, and the beauty of loneliness is a kind of strong beauty of lonely people. Sitting on the sofa with a cup of bitter coffee, I felt the music in the cdnserver, and felt the feeling of being lonely and sentimental, "I want to pay my thoughts to the yaoqin, but I don't know much about it, but I don't know how to break it; feel the lonely and indecisive feeling of the lonely boat, The Lonely persistent pursuit of "last night's west wind withered green trees, tall buildings, hope to make the way to heaven; I feel that "I don't have to regret it when I wear my clothes and shoulder wide shoulders, and I am so embarrassed", and I have no regrets ...... It truly makes me feel the cool and beautiful loneliness. With this kind of loneliness, it will make people feel at ease. In such a peaceful and peaceful environment, it is a great realm of life to stand alone and look at the indifference of the cloud.

Life is like water, time and song, And everything tends to be dull. The more deep the night, sitting alone in front of the computer, the air is full of air. Night, deep, quiet. The Lonely wind gently touched every lonely and wet heart, the soul and essence of people in the joys and sorrows of the subtle sublimation. A person quietly enjoys the beauty of tranquility. Think of the face when a person quietly leaves, lonely covered every thread of Acacia, such as a flowing night song, let the sad also turned into a kind of elegant taste. Take a breath of cold air full of the night, as if the soft moonlight and the faint loneliness into the night are deeply sucked into the heart. The feeling of moonlight is really good, the feeling of loneliness is really good, gentle, faint, but it is super vulgar, can actually take away my soul, smile and put the feeling in the air of the lonely moonlight.

I don't know how many people there will be, how many languages to interpret different loneliness, but I understand that loneliness is a kind of mood, a free and easy, and a magnificent realm of life journey. This exclusive silence and loneliness have long been an opportunity for self-enrichment. Being tolerant of others is equal to being kind to yourself. The passage of time will always precipitate something for your life, and the endless life will make you feel a little confused and free. There is a mature heart in our memories. After all the world's wind and Frost, the troubles of the red dust, my mind, everything is so plain, calm, peaceful, mediocre ......

Looking up at the night sky, I only see the moonlight, pale as water, leading me to the true meaning of the night. In the dark night of the Spring Festival, I feel the indifference of loneliness. From a distance, there was a charming song: "The loneliness tonight makes me so beautiful that no one needs to disturb my grief. The loneliness tonight makes me so beautiful, there is no need for people to visit me ......"

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