Long extension of data to provide you with 100M free all-round space services _ free universal space

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Long extension of data to provide you with 100M free universal space services, dual-line network, very fast. Send a Level three domain name.

Free three-year unlimited use
Support Asp+php+.net+shtml+access+sql
Beijing also Zhuang machine room letter + Netcom + railcom three-wire access
100MB Independent web Space +5msql space
FTP Management method, free space web upload of the red tape procedures
File no size limit, gives you the autonomy to upload file size
File without type restrictions, freely determine the type of file you need
File security services, to give you the most timely analysis of the space situation
File free Antivirus service to ensure that you or your friends computer security
Superior Virtual Host Control Panel can bind to top-level domain
Independent Data Data Security directory (more secure)
Free FSO Components

Official Request :

A user only allows to apply for a free space, three days with official content and can be normal access.
Prohibit the placement of adult, Liuhe color and other countries prohibited content
Please join the group ①9468085 or group ②15774730 to get the most recent information
Otherwise it will be closed and the data deleted directly!
Free space temporarily no technical support, please understand. Use questions please forum or group exchange

How to apply :

1. First through registration, after registration to the homepage login, after the login, through the application address to apply for free space. And then through the FTP information they provide, the content of the site uploaded to the wwwroot directory.

Registered Member Address: http://9top.cn/reg.asp

Application Address: http://9top.cn/showhost.asp?hostid=12

Demo Address: http://freewl.one.9top.cn/

ASP probe: http://freewl.one.9top.cn/asp.asp

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