Long live the dream!

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Long live the dream!

Author: CNSS 2004-8-25
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I was shocked to see three images.

1. Boeing 747-400, hansha airlines, Germany:

2. Enter the site and prepare for landing:

3. It turns out to be a shake control model! :

After reading it, you can't help but admire it! It is said that the plane was completely produced in proportion. After a static test and a wind tunnel test, it may be equipped with four turbine engines, and even the flap is working in the photo. the plane has completely surpassed "Model toys.

It is easy to think of a Chinese "farmer's airplane", which is also for his own dream. His actions have aroused great controversy, as mentioned in a report:
Wang Hai, a villager, was puzzled by such behavior. He believed that Zhang Yuxiang made a plane as "not doing business": "If you don't want to plant a good land, you need to build a plane. What can an airplane do ?" Teng wenhu, township head of huangqiao Township, Pingchuan District, believes that Zhang Yuxiang may have made some achievements if he does not focus on aircraft construction and is used for mechanical repairs.
As a saying goes, "Do not do business" can bring others' dreams into the abyss. Is it true that only being a standard "part" is a business? Our generation has been taught to be a useful person in society since childhood. It is a part completely engaged with society and you do not need to have your own personality. if your dream cannot bring direct benefits to society, it is a dirty dream.

"A lie has been chanted for 1000 times to become a truth." The incorrect ideal has long been rooted in many people's hearts. But a lie is a lie after all, even if it is regarded as a truth, it is still a lie. but over the years, a large number of "parts" have been built, and they just want to find their own location, and then they have lived for a lifetime. I don't want to persuade others, I just want to say to the villagers Wang Hai, the village chief Teng wenhu, and others: Please respect others' dreams.

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