Long Search Innovation Road, the unforgettable teacher and student sentiment

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more than 20 years ago, in a corner of the Tsinghua campus, a memorable computer search experiment was quietly underway, ......

a singleCompaq 386, Frequency33MHz, Memory4MB, its work indicator (aLEDsmall red light) in front of us constantly flashing. Sitting in front of the computer display is a group of Tsinghua, Beihang University Master of Computer Science. They waited patiently for the results of the computer search to appear on the screen. What do they want to know? What unexpected situation occurs during the retrieval process?

in the more than 10 trillion pure Chinese character information Big data file, let the computer's "calculation pointer" along one, one of the Chinese character order to go down, from the file head to find the end of the file, the total need for how long? Before I formally announce the start of the computer's "timekeeping" experiment, I said to everyone, "no one has done this before, nor did they know the results of the search experiment." But, we need to know. Based on the data from this search experiment, we will develop a design plan for e-book (the electronic version of the Tang election).

I declare "timing" to begin! At this time, everyone quietly staring at the clock (or watch) of the second hand, the corner of the eye to target the computer's work led flashing. I watched the counter readings on the computer screen. A minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes passed,... Suddenly, I declared "Stop", Time to!

Everyone's reading is a bit biased, according to the computer's own timer, full-text search time is 3 minutes 48 seconds! What does the experimental results of this full-text search show? First, the traditional retrieval algorithm does not apply at all, the data structure design must take the new road. Second, the data file must be high-compression innovation (limited to two floppy disks, which is "tough").

Since then, the long road to search innovation has begun. Everyone knows in the heart, since then, we embarked on the same road of innovation, woe, "total survival." To say the truth: In this long search innovation on the road of the teacher-student friendship will remain in my heart forever!

Description:1Month -Day Morning9Point -, I received an e-mail from a Martian who lives in Beijing's Yangshan College, which includes:1994years OneMonth OneDay, the National Press and publication Department of the "China Press and publication" in the prominent position of the front page to publish important news "electronic version of Deng Xiaoping selected works" (Reporter Chi Red). The article says: "... This new type of book carrier is an important achievement in the development and production of e-books in China, and provides a brand-new tool for in-depth study and research on the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics and Deng Xiaoping's complete ideology . "

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Long Search Innovation Road, the unforgettable teacher and student sentiment

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