Long-term internal recommendation for SAP jobs, including Java ABAP Consultants, Developer, architects, etc.

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Long-term internal recommendation for SAP jobs, including Java ABAP Consultants, Developer, architects, etc.

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LoB Position Location
Acquisitionshybris Support Team MANAGERDL

Hybris support Engineer (JAVA)-Japanese speakerdl

Hybris support Engineer (JAVA) DL

Developer-support Application Landscapesh
User Experience Design Specialistsh
Labsbit-developer (Intern) SH
BIT Developer Intern SH
Bit-tester (Intern) SH
Cd-project Managersh
CD-SR. Developer-javash

Cd-development Architectsh
Cec-hybris-senior DEVELOPERCD

Cec-hybris-quality SPECIALISTCD


Cec-hybris-information DEVELOPERCD

Cec-hybris-senior Product SPECIALISTCD

Co-innovation-business Analyst INTERNSH/BJ
Co-innovation-developer INTERNSH/BJ
Co-innovation-ux INTERNSH/BJ
Co-innovation-solution Manager SZ
Co-innovation-project Managersz
Epm-developer (JAVASCRIPT/HTML5) SH
Gs-s4hana Developer SH
Ims-quality Specialistsh

IMS-BPC Quality Specialistsh
Gtlc-open Source Validation Analyst (intern) SH
LoB finance-product Expert for cross applications Financesh
LoB Finance-senior Product Specialist (financial Accounting) SH
LoB FINANCE-SR. Developer (Financial Accounting) SH
LoB FINANCE-SR. ABAP Developer (profitability) SH
LoB Finance-developer (Cash Management) SH
LoB Finance-developersh
LoB Finance-grc-gts-developersh

Fsi-management Support ASSOCIATEBJ


Nic-application DEVELOPERNJ

Nic-sr.application DEVELOPERNJ

Nic-data Scientistnj

Operations Expertsh

SAP PI hana-quality Engineerxa

P&i HANA Platform Data service-sr. Developer (Java) SH

P&i HANA Platform Data service-automation quality Engineersh
P&i HANA Platform replication-software Development Engineer (c + +) SH

P&i HANA Platform replication-software Development Engineer (Sr. Java) SH

P&i HANA Plat DM tech-information Developer (KM) SH
P&i hana-quality Assurance (Partner co-innovation with SAP HANA) SZ
P&i HANA-SR. Developerxa
P&i Healthcare-developersh
SET-SR. Developersh
Support Engineersh

Sme-senior Product Specialist-sap Anywheresh
DevOps Engineer SH
Web Developer SH
Application Developer-javash

Information Developer SH
Mobile Developer SH
Senior Mobile Product Specialist SH
Senior Quality Specialistsh
IT Technology Senior Consultantsh
IT Technology Senior Consultantsh
Successfactors-principle Performance Architect (Java) SH
Successfactors-senior Java Developersh
Successfactors-lead Java Engineersh
Successfactors-java Dev Associatesh
Successfactors-senior UI Engineersh
Successfactors-senior Ruby Engineersh
Successfactors-development Expert (JAVA/J2EE) SH
Successfactors-senior Java Developersh
Successfactors-development Architectsh
Successfactors-development Manager (Ruby) SH
Successfactors-mobile Development Manager (IOS) SH
Successfactors-senior Front-End Developersh
Successfactors-java Dev Internsh

Gcogm-telco & Mobility, Greater CHINABJ
Cloud Services Salessh
Senior Account Executive-auto/imc/resources/miningbj/sh/gz/sz
Senior Account EXECUTIVETW
Senior Account EXECUTIVETW
Senior Account Executive-aribahk
Hybris presales EXPERTHK
Senior Account Executive-retailgz/sz/sh

Senior Account Executive-cpgz/sz

Senior Sales-hybris BJ
Senior Account Executive-north Gbbj/dongbei
Channel Recruiting Senior Specialistsh
Industry Value Advisor-chemicalbj/sh
Industry Value Advisor-oil & gasbj/sh
Industry value Advistor-fsibj/sh
(FSI) Senior Account Executivebj/sh
(BI COE) Business Develop EXPERTBJ
(analystic) Senior Solution Account EXEUCTIVETW
Senior Services Salesgz/sz
Senior Services Salesgz/sz
Analytics Senior Solution SALESBJ/HK
Analytics Solution Sales MANAGERBJ
CD Service salesbj/sh

Senior Services SALES-TW/BJTW/BJ
Sales Operation Expert--business Partnerbj/sh

Sales Operation Expert--business PARTNERHK
Senior Account EXCETIVEHK

Platform Architect (pre-sales function) bj/sh/s/gz/hk
Solution Advisor Expert (business Architect) HK
Senior account Executive (lower key) HK

Senior account Executive (FSI) HK
D&t Senior AE (gas/oil) BJ

Demo Solutions Senior Specialist (Concur/ariba) SH

Demo Solutions Specialist (BI) SH

License Compliance Manager (Basis background) Sh/bj/gz/sz

Solution Advisor Expert (business arthitect) HK
Functionsenior Risk SPECIALISTBJ
GC HR Service Managersh
Employment Branding Specialistsh

Long-term internal recommendation for SAP jobs, including Java ABAP Consultants, Developer, architects, etc.

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