Look at the fate of the cows and think about the milk you drink.

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Today, I saw the story of a group of cows in the movie crazy farm. At the same time, the comments in the film asked people, "Why does the male cows have milk heads ?", One of the visitors personally visited the dairy farm to answer this question and describe the fate of the cows. The full text is as follows:

Do cows have male? If yes, will the male cows produce milk? If not, how can cows breed?
This question has been bothering me for many years. I have asked many people, but I am not satisfied with all the answers. I have always believed in the version my colleagues told me: "Of course! Just as if your father didn't feed you when you were a child, the male cows only wanted to breed offspring and didn't produce milk ."
Even so, I still have a lot of questions. I went on a business trip to a small village in Nanjing two days ago and lived in a big Dairy Farm. After having been living together with 5000 cows for a night, my questions that have plagued me for many years were finally answered, but my mind is a little heavy.
Of course there are male cows. A cow doesn't mean a milk-producing ox, but a breed of ox. Of course, there are female in a breed, just like a chicken or a chicken, there is also a public laying hen. The female and female cows look almost the same, and their breasts are also full, but they do not produce milk. Compared with female cows, there are very few male cows, especially since artificial insemination has been popularized in the production of dairy cows, the retention ratio of male calves is limited to several thousandth. Healthy male cows are excellent manually selected molecules and enjoy the breeding right (the sperm is frozen by manual collection, and then a large number of excellent offspring are obtained through artificial insemination ).
I have always thought that a cow can be milked when its body develops and matures after its puberty, and it can be squeezed anytime, anywhere. But now it seems to be contrary to science. To milk, make sure that the cows are breastfeeding. In order to ensure that the cows are always breastfeeding, it is necessary to keep the cows from giving birth to children. The best way to get pregnant with so many female cows is artificial insemination. That is to say, female cows are pregnant with diligence and diligence every day, but they have never enjoyed male and female in their life. They have given birth to countless children and can still be a virgin before death. Love and caressing have never happened to cows.
What's more inhuman is that when a calf is born, it must first be identified as gender. Cows of different gender have different endings: the bull's endings are basically the same as the fathers it never met; if it is a pair of male, female, and female twins, it is said that the amount of milk produced when the cows grow up is not good; if it is a cow, they were immediately taken away from their mothers and fed them manually. When the cows gave birth to so many children, they never enjoyed the family or the right to be a mother.
If cows are as emotional as humans are, they must be depressed. From small to large, I have never enjoyed love and affection, the joy of fish and water, and the joy of the family. Can I be depressed?
So the spirit of every ox seen in the dairy farm is awkward, and his eyes are full of blank, empty, and lonely. I really want to interview the cool guys and ask them what they think. Will they feel unwilling? People have fate, and animals have fate. Is their fate a kind of life-consuming slaves that satisfy people's appetite?
I had a hard time on that business trip. Not only did I not drink milk, but I had no worries about drinking water, but I had gained a lot. On the evening of returning home, I habitually opened a box of milk before going to bed, And suddenly remembered the story of the dairy farm, so I couldn't drink any more.

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