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The reason why to use a microscope to see CNNIC, is because, CNNIC's tall image has long been widely known, such as the CN domain name of the strong promotion, so that its number of registrations has exceeded millions of, become the mainstream domain name, for information security contributions, for several years of investigation, published on the internet important data, Contribution to the development of the industry and so on. I'll be annoying when I say that. Fortunately, there are small, partial, without prejudice to the overall situation of the micro-flaws are ignored, it is estimated that people should want to know what he did not see. People therefore neglected, one is to focus on this, and the second is only with the naked eye of the original reason. Now that the position of the microscope has been adjusted, you have to move your eyes to see if I am mistaken because of my old eyesight.

I. Self-contradiction .

CNNIC2002 December 1, the implementation of the "China Internet Network Information Center," the fourth rules on the registration of domain names, "Domain Name registration applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) should be registered in accordance with the law and can bear the civil liability of the organization." This is the famous rule that limits. CN domain name of the individual registration rights.

However, the "China Internet Network Information Center dispute resolution Fifth", which was hung on the home page of CNNIC, stipulates that "any institution or person who thinks that the domain name of another person has a conflict with the legal rights of the institution or individual may lodge a complaint with the dispute settlement Body".

The cnnic is stipulated in the "Rules". CN domain name does not allow "personal" registration, and in the "Dispute resolution" allows "individual" to think that other people have registered domain name and its legitimate rights and interests conflict, can lodge a complaint to the dispute settlement body.

If someone is really in conflict with the domain name of another person's registration and his or her lawful rights and interests, bring arbitration. If the case is defeated, what will happen if the arbitration is successful? Because he is a personal cnnic forbid to register the CN domain name stipulation reason, that domain name he cannot accept the transfer, also cannot be cnnic deletes after him to register. The end result is: This domain name or forever lie in the cnnic data no one can touch, or constantly someone re-register this domain name, he constantly filed arbitration application, litigation, cycle.

This is Cnnic's puzzling, the individual does not have the CN domain name registration right, but has initiated the domain name dispute arbitration right the wonderful stipulation.

second, with the upper law conflict.

CNNIC's "China Internet Network Information Center," the implementation of the rules of domain name registration is based on the Ministry of Information industry, "China Internet domain name management measures" and its authorization, is to facilitate the "method" in the actual operation of the work of the specific refinement. CNNIC does not have any power to extend or reduce the scope of the "method", or to "withhold" the "interpretation" of the intent of the scheme. This is clearly stipulated in the legislative act and is invalid for laws, regulations and rules which are inconsistent with the upper law. Any citizen shall be entitled to the Ministry of Information industry to review the "rules" in accordance with the provisions of the legislative act and to make a decision to repeal it.

The Ministry of Information Industry December 20, 2004, the implementation of the Chinese Internet Domain name management measures 27th expressly stipulates that "any organization or individual registration and use of the domain name, shall not contain the following: (listed in nine cases, not listed here)". This is a clear and clear stipulation that any individual may register and use the CN domain name without violating the nine provisions set out in article 27th.

How to get to the Cnnic "rules" has become a "Domain name registration applicant (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) should be registered in accordance with the law and can bear the civil liability of the Organization"? And get rid of the "personal"? The "rules" of the cnnic changed the scope of the terms on which it was based on the "approach", which was very obvious to the offset of the "approach".

Cnnic on this issue, the "Legislative law", "rules" and its superior method of conflict.

third, cnnic violated the "People's Republic of China Administrative licensing law."

The domain name should be non-renewable natural resources, in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act, the provisions of natural resources, which are permitted to be owned, used by, and who are not allowed to possess, use and qualify, are within the scope of the administrative license and do not distinguish between the identity of legal and natural persons and, in civil rights and interests, The status of legal and natural persons is equal. The establishment of administrative license is a set of clear procedural provisions, non-temporary administrative licensing is to pass the National People's Congress AH.

Cnnic Weiking, violating the law, depriving citizens of their rightful power should come to an end?

CNNIC2002 The implementation rules of domain name registration since December 1, disturb the order of domain name registration.

Although CNNIC's "rules" stipulate that individuals should not be registered, but in the actual registration activities, there are still some individuals in the name of a natural person registered CN domain name.

However, in the recent reports of the "personal" registered CN domain name in the dispute arbitration, and did not because it is a person (rather than legally registered organizations) holding a CN domain name and lost. This result reflects the intellectual property sector, the judiciary to the cnnic of the individual to register the CN domain name of the negative side.

More important, the CNNIC's rules make people confused. If you disregard the cnnic of the individual registered CN domain name, there is the risk of deletion of the registered domain name, if the "compliance" cnnic this provision, at least to the current can not register the CN domain name, can not only register CN domain name and go to the Trade and Industry Bureau registered company, I believe that most people

The reality is: violates the cnnic stipulation, the individual registers the CN domain name even the dispute arbitration clearance to pass smoothly, violates the cnnic stipulation the interest to have the protection, but those who "obey" the cnnic stipulation "The obedient" child has lost the opportunity which registers the Zhongyi CN domain name.

I don't know cnnic is encouraging people to obey his rules. or encourage the "brave man" to challenge him?

As the "implementation of the Rules", this should play a standard registration behavior, maintenance of registration order efficacy. CNNIC can not allow the individual to register the CN domain name of the social effect is how, it is not standardized domain name registration behavior, but make people at a loss, even the normal thinking has been disorder.

CCTV "Zhengda" there is such a word "do not see, the world is really wonderful", do not know after the microscope, you have no feeling? Is it the shrimp feeling?

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