Looking at the new direction of enterprise SEM selection from the search result of "Zhen Huan biography"

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Now many enterprises are more attached to SEM this piece, in addition to the station to do SEO optimization outside the station, one of the more effective way is SEM. It is important to do the SEM choice of keywords, in addition to the high index, the word business value and the conversion rate is also a very important choice criteria. It is well known that movies, TV dramas, the flow of huge, from the internet so many personal movie stations can be learned that this piece of traffic is fat. For large enterprises, the rational use of film and TV key words to do SEM is a good choice, to attract a steady flow of traffic, into the user is quite considerable. However, only some enterprises are doing this, other enterprises can refer to.

Next from the "Zhen Huan biography" search results to see the company to do the new direction of SEM strategy, Baidu can be found from the list of "mind" and "Zhen Huan biography" is the most concerned about the two TV dramas, of which "Zhen Huan biography" broadcast has nearly 2 months, nearly a week of attention up to 2682720, is currently the most fiery palace drama. From the search results can be seen, Anhui satellite TV, Jingdong Mall, Sina Weibo (write this article, when the late query has disappeared), Weight loss products website, breast enhancement products have to participate in the right side of the auction promotion. Because the "Zhen Huan biography" of the audience to women, women will focus on the figure, so slimming and breast enhancement products site to use this to attract target users click. In fact this way say simple point is occasion, borrow hot to publicize own website.


The previous analysis of enterprises using the "Zhen Huan biography" To do SEM case, because the author has recently studied the movie site, so the words of film and television are more concerned about, and then to see the hottest movie "Avengers alliance", the right side of the ads only the visitors and Sina Weibo, the rest of the film did not promote advertising. The Avengers union, which has been searching 1403830 times in the last week, is half the TV series "Zhen Huan." Most of the people who like to watch this kind of sci-fi movies are young, so every guest and Sina Weibo (which has been written in this article, when the post-query has disappeared) took advantage of this. And where the promotion of the line is very easy for users to click, the first time I saw it click on the visitors, find out if there is any Avengers union limited canvas shoes for sale. From this, it can be thought that the traffic generated by the popular movies is quite impressive.


Many enterprises have to do SEM promotion, the most important one is the choice of accurate keywords, in particular, bid ranked this piece, click on one time to pay money. In the choice of words to grasp the search for the word is the enterprise's target users, and has a clear consumer demand and strength. The company that selected the Zhen Huan and Avengers to do SEM has also grasped this point. Introduced the flow, the latter is transformed. The Transformation page is the Guide page that allows users who enter the site to become members and generate consumption or interaction. Each site at the beginning of the completion of the station must be the user experience optimization, retain users is the king. The above is the author found that the enterprise SEM selection of New directions, did not pay attention to this point of the enterprise can refer to. This article by the Multi-mount network http://www.zdomo.com/Feng Jiajuan compilation, with the sharing of progress, reprint please keep the link.

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