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It's only two days since I went to Kay lide this time.

The company can also, the largest car GPS navigation

But I don't like that environment. I feel black faces in it. I don't know why.ProgramI am not basking in the sun. Why is it so dark? Maybe it's my prejudice.

My personality is too urgent and I don't want to develop on the company platform. I always want to do something that I can do after a while. I feel that if I come out in the future, if you leave the company's platform, you may not be able to get rid of it. In addition, I don't like the internet. I have to miss a lot of things. I cannot say that I have been working for 10 hours, especially in the Internet era.

I think so: I cannot access the Internet during the day. If I work overtime at night, I want to take a bath and have no time to pay attention to new things, the Internet is growing so fast

I am a thoughtful person. I don't want to be instructed by others to do anything. I want to give my own opinions based on the actual situation.

Mobile devices will eventually replace traditional PCs, and the mobile market is huge. So the hope for the next job is in this regard.

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