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As we all know, the interfaces of different products have completely different properties. Even if a UI designer with years of experience takes over a new field of products, it also requires a deep, detailed understanding of the product's characteristics before it can be designed. Based on the author's personal experience, this paper introduces a new method--------------------Interface revision visual analysis. Accurately speaking, should be the interface of competition products visual analysis.

There are several benefits to the visual analysis of the interface revision of competing products:

1, the existing similar products to do the competition analysis is a quick understanding of your unfamiliar areas of the method, through the analysis and understanding of the competition, you can understand the overall picture of the product. If the competition is just your familiar, already more mature products, it will make your work more effective, familiar with the scene and application methods, can let you better understand what you want to contact the product may need what kind of design.

2, why to do the visual analysis of the interface revision? The latest version of the competition, in contrast to the previous version, will not only help you understand what the product developers are doing to optimize the product's functionality, which features are optimized through visual presentation, but also to let you know which visual language has changed, What is the rule of change, what is the role of change, and so on.

3. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the visual design of the competition, we can avoid the same mistakes in our own design, meanwhile, we can learn some mature and successful visual principles.

In addition, the comparative analysis will let you from the overall point of view of the old two version of the overall differences, to find the general direction of the revised design and major principles. Then from these big principles, look for the details of the design, to verify that the revised design has followed these principles, how to achieve the results, and the success of the remaining issues and what are the differences.

From the personal experience, the revision of visual analysis to improve my level and analytical ability, the overall sense of the design better, but also let me learn a lot of excellent colleagues to show the wonderful visual skills, benefited a lot. Here to share with you a recent I do the interface of the revised visual analysis. Welcome everybody to discuss together.

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