Looking for venture capital and finding a girlfriend is so similar.

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The more beautiful girls receive love letters more easily, the more money, the more famous VC, the easier to receive the proposal;

Some girls, have never received a love letter in their lifetime, some VC, no one has sent them to deliver the proposal;

Girls receive love letters more, will not care about the letter in the mailbox, but occasionally pick out a few read;

VC Collection plan more, will not care about the plan in the mailbox, but occasionally will pick out several read;

Want to find a good girl, the suitors need their own conditions are very good, knowledgeable, handsome, have the potential;

Want to find a good VC, entrepreneurs need the company has industry advantages, good image, have the potential;

Acquaintances recommend dating, can increase the chance of success, because each other will increase the trust degree;

Have an acquaintance to recommend VC and company, can increase the probability of success, because each other will increase the trust degree;

Some marriage intermediary can help, but the vast majority of no effect, there are many are earning "Meet fee" liar;

Some investment advice can help, but most of the ineffective, but also many are earning "conference fee" liar;

If the boy is famous and earns a lot of money, the girl will turn to chase the boy.

If the start-up company is famous and profitable, VC will in turn Rob the start-up company;

When a blind date, the girl will ask: You now how much salary, education, what career, what future;

When the meeting, VC will ask: your income how much, what industry, profit forecast how, what future;

If the girl has been unable to find the right boyfriend, it is possible to lower their own standards, it is possible to continue to wait;

VC If a long time can not find suitable investment projects, it is likely to reduce investment standards, it is possible to continue to wait;

Girls accept a boy, they need to think carefully, and then take risks;

VC investment in a company, it is necessary to carefully consider, and then assume the risk;

Marriage is likely to be inconsistent, if one side thinks that they are skipper, the same, marriage may also divorce;

VC and the company may be inconsistent after cooperation, if one side that they are major shareholders, the same, and cooperation may be bankrupt;

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