Loss: 1 Quarterly losses 1 billion, capital chain by delaying merchant account period to maintain

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"The group lost 1 billion yuan a quarter, and the revenue line fell, slightly careless, its fragile capital chain will break." "In the near future, a personage in the industry has burst into the author a" Startling "insider.


So the question comes, the month loses 1 billion, the American regiment depends on what sustains? The industry said it was by delaying the merchant's account for the settlement of funds. It is understood that in the group buying industry, the account period is generally 5 days, and the U.S. group's account period increased to 2 weeks. In the fourth quarter of 2014, the U.S. regiment claimed one months have 4, 5 billion deals, then according to this calculation, the merchant's precipitation funds about 2 billion.


The person also referred to the US $700 million financing event that had been abuzz over the previous period. December 12, the United States to raise 700 million U.S. dollars news overwhelming, but true and false, always confusing. Wang Xing, CEO of the group, said in response to media interview that the official did not release the news, unable to disclose more details. And the rumor of the leading party Sequoia Capital also confirmed that it has not led the U.S. regiment.


Smoke, compared with the recent rumors circulating in the industry, it is not difficult to see, the United States is indeed short of money, and is in urgent need of large funds transfusion. The author, according to reliable sources, the 700 million-dollar financing may be a false news.


In 2014, the group's frenzy of money burned almost more than three years ago on the e-commerce website, and the sites that failed to secure follow-up financing are now dead and gone, and the group has taken the lead.


The author obtains a set of data shows, only four quarters of this year, the United States buy and sell business monthly loss of 100 million or so, outside the business loss 250 million, which business line loss of 150 million per month, human and other operating costs nearly 100 million loss. A quarter down, losing more than 1 billion yuan.


Group buying business is the startup of the United States, and chose the concentration of troops "rural surrounding cities" play. But users in the three or four-line market are highly sensitive to price, and to get the market, low-priced or even ultra-low-price concessions become the main weapons of the United States Regiment. But for businesses, it is impossible to cut prices without a bottom line, so the difference is subsidized by the U.S. group. The loss became one of the key words of the group in the next few years.


When the two-day move into 2014, the news of profitability once made the market exclaim that the group Kujinganlai. But interestingly, in the ensuing next year, the American regiment again plunged into a loss.


Let's take a look at how the American regiment is stepping into a losing quagmire.


One, huge subsidies. The recent two-year group buying market competition, whether in the one or two-line city or three or four-line city, the major platform for the merchant competition is extremely fierce. In order to rob Merchants, the U.S. group to increase the upfront underwriting, while increasing subsidies. In Shanghai, the United States Group One-time Hao throw 60 million yuan signed the small FAI brother Hot pot, 14 million yuan signed the restaurant Han founded "Very happy to meet you", before in Beijing also spent 15 million yuan signed the south.


It is understood that in the three or four-line city, the American group's local managers even have the right to decide millions other guarantees exclusive, it is understood that the United States group this figure at least 200 million yuan per month.


But under huge subsidies, the effect is minimal.


Second, revenue fell across the line. Most typical of the media have been reported many times Han Han restaurant, the United States from the "very happy to meet you" 90 percent from the pick up, to the original price, the most miserable one months only sold 7 copies, then the United States to take a single supplement to the way sales, but every month, water also only about 100,000 yuan; In addition, under the pressure of performance assessment, the group to push the team blindly Rob merchants, and even in Hangzhou and other place in the unlicensed "black merchant" on-line website, and this in the United States to push the process is not a lone example, but this kind of merchant basically can not bring any income.


Third, the new business to fuel. At the beginning of 2014, after announcing the profits, the group was eager to launch its takeaway business, and its vice-President, Wang Huiwen, said it would invest 1 billion in the next 3 years, but that $1 billion could have been ammunition only from the loss of its sales in the four quarter, plus the losses in the first three quarters. Obviously, the severity of the market is far beyond the expectations and control of the group, it is expected that the United States will again invest heavily (where is the money?) )。


Surprisingly, a quarterly loss of 1 billion is just the tip of the iceberg to the decline of the US regiment, and, more frightening, the group's capital chain has been unsustainable. The above insiders to the author of the material, the United States to take a step no ZUO no die of a move, will be with the merchant settlement of the account period stretched to two weeks.


Through the account period adjustment to alleviate the capital flow pressure is undoubtedly a not * * *, First, once the merchant requested the period of return to 5 days of normal level, the United States Regiment fragile cash flow will immediately collapse; second, in the last 3 months, the United States Group revenue fell, once below a certain level, even if the two-week period, the brick from the


The network has the cloud: the money is capricious, does not have the money to resign. The huge losses, the delay in the account period, seems to presage the wayward American Regiment will have to accept the fate of the food or xiaonei life?


Loss: 1 Quarterly losses 1 billion, capital chain by delaying merchant account period to maintain

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