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The so-called "responsive web design" is adaptive, that is, it can automatically identify the screen width, and make a corresponding adjustment of the web design responsive. The design has already appeared on a growing number of domestic websites, and Google has made it clear that it encourages responsive web design.

(Figure I, responsive web design)

Typically, when browsing the web, the mobile phone and the computer can not display the same Web page, which also led to a lot of web design will automatically go to a specific link, as shown above, whether on the PC or mobile end, the display of the Web page is actually a version, will change with the size of the screen page.

  Here are some examples:

(Figure II: Examples of responsive web design)

(Figure three: Disney's web page)

  There are 5 benefits to using adaptive Web design:

1, with more and more mobile devices, you can improve the user experience.

2, the design does not have a web version of the distinction, so the SEO strategy is consistent.

3, you can avoid duplication of content, focus on maintaining this web page.

4, keep the original link of the webpage.

5, Google also recommends a preference for responsive design, because Google is easiest to deal with, regardless of what the page version is the same HTML, the same content.

Responsive web design for SEO is friendly, these related technology is still evolving, there are many places to be customer service. Here's how it's flawed:

1, the old version of IE support is not good, this is a fatal problem, especially IE6, if your site users are mostly using the old version of IE (suggested in the statistical tool to look at), it is not suitable for the response-style web design.

In fact, I always want to use responsive web design, new design Lou blog page, but see the old version of the statistics in IE users are still a lot, had to give up.

2, for example, some small game stations, video stations, if only the Web page using a responsive design, but the content is still only open on the PC side, this time will be seriously considered.

Foreign Copyblogger's blog mentions a very special case, the Disney Company's Web page. He says there are a lot of web games for kids on the Disney web site, and some games can be played on a desktop computer, but they can't be used if they use mobile devices. So in this case, you have to make a choice, give up using responsive Web design, or modify the game.

  Written at the end:

Since the beginning of this year, the response web design has become popular, although very popular, but not too many sites adopt this kind of design.

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