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It's time to say good-bye to the 2014, and it's about to review the great design of the year! The well-known design blog Designmodo the top 20 best websites of the year, and these excellent web pages are not only carefully designed, but also closely follow the prevailing design trends.

Web designers are always keen to follow the latest design trends, so you can see these trends in these great Web pages-flat design, extreme ethos, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, and more. Another common feature of these well-designed sites is the good support for mobile-responsive design. A truly good website will always support as many devices as possible.
So let's take a look at the top 20 best sites of the 2014 and see why they attract so much attention. These 20 sites have been included in the Awwwards, which is worth your daily visit to get inspiration.

The Capitol

This site is based on a relatively popular in recent years, "Hunger Games" series to make, the site style is cold, and the site of the brutal tone very consistent. The overall design of the site is not complex, the color is simple, but the style is simple and bold, and the use of parallax scrolling design. The website uses a lot of information, videos and other content to let users interact with them, as if they were in a movie.


This is probably one of the most popular websites of the year, not only crafted in content, but also combined with a number of trendy design trends. The site uses a large number of large images for the background, visually pleasing to the eye. The site uses white text and Ghost buttons to look perfect in a dark background. Outside the main screen, the designer uses fine images and text to create a pleasing contrast to the white background.


Sokruta uses an eye-catching large image background with simple and intuitive navigation, while the use of the puzzle-style slider makes the entire website full of personality. These individual designs are visually appealing tricks and are really effective. In addition, there are many additional effects, such as hovering over the button when there will be a dynamic effect, it is enjoyable.

Huge INC.

This site is designed to be simple and designed to be just right. Whether it is brand design or space and layout design, huge company's website is doing very well. The Web site with parallax scrolling perfectly creates a "page" feel, different pages presenting different elements, tidy and clear.

I Remember

The site is built for a project designed to improve people's understanding of Alzheimer's disease, and web site visual design is unique, and users can interact with the site with many interesting interactions. The deep tones of the site are symbolic of the stress that this memory-deprived illness has on patients, and the glimmer of it symbolizes the "glimmer of hope."

Jack Daniel ' s Bar Stories

A design trend that may be relatively rare this year is to tell you stories through the web. This presentation is a great way to create a brand story. In this type of website, the combination of pictures and typography is usually very interesting and has a unique design style.


Here, minimalist design has never been so beautiful. Quay Restaurant's website uses a beautiful large image background to attract users, full-screen slide display is perfect, loading quickly, and the rhythm of the switch is very well controlled, the site navigation bar is moved to the bottom of the screen, which makes the site's browsing experience better. As the page scrolls, the navigation bar will naturally move to the top of the page. The level of website design is clear, but also maintain a certain degree of complexity.

Sorte En Mer

Using the screen background is one of the most important design trends of the 2014, while sorte En Mer is one of the best. When you open a website you seem to be opening a movie, and you can control the playback of the background video with the mouse. The site is quite stunning, and very few similar sites can do that level.

A spacecraft for all

This website can take you to know the ISEE-3 spacecraft. You can view ISEE-3 's current live image through the website to see where it has been and what tasks it has performed. The site has a minimalist and modern design and encourages users to interact with the site.

Super Looper

It's an interesting game where you can create music and visualize it, and the whole experience is addictive. The vivid colors and black backgrounds make the website more visually appealing.


This is also a website full of animation and video, Jam3 has a simple homepage, other elements of the site can be clicked and have experienced visual effects.

A Journey Through Middle-earth

This is an impressive site, on the one hand, because the site is the theme of the 2-year-old movie "The Hobbit", on the other hand, because it creates a game-like interactive experience with a large number of static images and animated images.


The site is designed to be extremely minimalist, but it's not easy. When you scroll the page, the transitions between pictures are interesting, and when you click the top button to navigate, you can see more interesting impressions.

Over the Hills

This site has so many features that you can study all day long, from the dynamic design to the video background, from the quality of the music experience to the retro visual experience, this site will make you addicted.


Although the site uses minimalist wind, the site is not simple. The home uses the golden hue and sparkle of the light, while the beautiful dynamic design of the roll gives the webpage a natural side. In fact, this site is the best, seemingly simple, but when you interact with it can bring you surprises.


This site has been the essence of flat design concept, almost rose to a completely new realm. Beautiful pictures are placed in a minimalist layout that is fascinating. To make the site truly unique is its color, strong contrast makes the site's color is no longer "flat", this scattered fascinating.

Valerie Martinez Agency

At first glance the site feels very simple, but the treasure is hidden beneath the simple. The Ghost button in the title will take you forward, and every click will bring you a variety of dynamic effects. The opening animations on the loading interface are also impressive, if you look closely.


The website seems to be designed to be a movie trailer, in addition to the handsome pages, users can also communicate with the website of the sports car to interact. What really makes this site memorable is the background textures and stunning images that the site uses. The design team also uses simple fonts to ensure that the site is readable and that the entire site is designed to be more unified.

Your Local Studio

Extremely ethos, minimalist photos and user-related visual elements blend together to create a unique flavor of the site.

ba Ba Dum

Website game is still a very reliable means, this site is proof. Games can be fun, but they can also deliver some knowledge to the user. The website uses brightly coloured illustrations to teach you words from a variety of languages.

Love! Top 20 best web Design in 2014

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