Lovo JG31 (visual interaction) Summary

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It's almost one months to study in Lawo! Learned a lot of things, such as flash, computer concepts, how to make a perfect meeting minutes and so on. Also have a new understanding of their future development!

Visual interaction

Photoshop:1. The main processing of pixel-based digital images, mainly using editing and drawing tools for the image into an effective editor, simply said that the image, graphics, text, video, publishing and other aspects of landscaping.

2. Function: image editing, color correction, special effects production.

3. Components: Status bar, menu bar, image editing window, status bar (text line, zoom bar, Preview box), Toolbox, Control Panel, drawing mode (shape layer, linking, fill pixel), etc.

4. Shortcut key: 1.ctrl+alt+shift+k (see all shortcuts), CTRL + Z restore, all Cancel press ESC, cancel single press DELETE

2. Marquee Tool: M (manual) Rectangle Tool-U (auto), toggle Other tool is shift+ tool shortcut key

(1.alt+shift+ and hold the ellipse-turns into a circle.) Alt+shift+ hold the rectangle-change to square/ctrl+shift+ left mouse button +m to square)

3. Color fill: Once the selection is established, right-click to select Fill or alt+delete (foreground color) ctrl+delete (background).

4. Lasso tool: Shift+l. Shift+alt (magnification) is divided into the multilateral lasso tool, the magnetic lasso tool (creating a selection along the edge), and the Stroke lasso tool. Common lasso tool for end-to-end closure.

5. Gradient tool: G (radial gradient, degree gradient, diamond gradient) Bucket tool: The default color is the foreground.

6. Eyedropper tool: I used to draw color, but only one, generally used to take the foreground color to fill the selection, you can automatically use the mouse to select the background color or alt+delete (foreground color) ctrl+delete (background)

7. Magic Wand Tool: W for cutout, automatically get color of the same or similar area, with tolerance (0-255)

8. Patch Tool: J alt click Sample. Fix the defect in the diagram and naturally blend in with the results of the surrounding image.

9. Stamp tool: S can copy an image to an image or another image.

10. Pen tool: P can draw some paths, or create precise straight lines and smooth smooth curves, shift can limit the number of degrees.

11. Slicing tool: C Solid line (user cut) dashed (system cut) and ruler with.

12. Brush tool: B imitate the reality of the brush.

13. Blur Tool: Local blur for the image. Sharpen tool (clear image) Smudge tool: Erase color to achieve image walk.

14. Dodge/Deepen/sponge tool: Sponge: can be deepened to reduce the light, play the adjustment and use of saturation.

15. Type tool: T any drawing text tool cannot be used in editing and will automatically increment the layer when editing.

16. Shape Tool: U can customize images and automatically add pictures.

17. Hand Tool: H moves the image. Zoom Tool Z Ctrl + "+" zooms in. CTRL + "-" decreases. Move Tool: V

18.1.ctrl+n (new) 2.ctrl+0 (screen zoom) 3.ctrl+1 (actual rendering) 4.ctrl+d (deselect selection) 5. Left button: Free transform, etc. 6. Cancel Step: Window + history + want to operate step 7. Ctrl+shift+n (new layer). 8.ctrl+enter (select selection) 9.shift+m (toggle tool) 10.ctrl+r (ruler) 11.ctrl+h (deselect selection) 12.ctrl+c (copy) 13.ctrl+v (paste) 14.ctrl+t (free transform) 15.ctrl+ X (cut) 16.shift+alt+ Mouse Point Center (concentric circle) 17.

Merge layers: Check v-ctrl-left mouse button + want selection-ctrl +e.

19. Frame: Divided into animation frames and data frames. Minimum unit transfer, 24 frames per second. An illusion of an animation.

Lovo JG31 (visual interaction) Summary

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