Low-profile release of map of Shanghai and Beijing

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Since the previous blowout of the MAP network in Shanghai, I have always wanted to make a map of Shanghai. In fact, I have already done well, but I have never wanted to make it out, after all, the maps I am playing with are relatively weaker than Google Map, mapbar, and mapabc. What I do is not a map for the masses, in addition, the release of maps in our country is a very rigorous task, involving issues such as national laws and confidentiality plug-ins, but I am not publishing maps either, I only display and query my map information on Google Maps, so I finally posted my Shanghai and Beijing maps in a low profile.

Let's talk about the ideas and principles:

In fact, the intention of this map is very simple. There are two functions: Query and display. Of course, these two functions are relatively independent, and the search results are certainly displayed, but I still need a point of interest in the current map without searching.

The interface is very simple to use. It is divided into three parts: the top part is the functional area, the left side is the map display area, and the right side is the result list area. A search box on the functional area is used to enter the search content. One is the drop-down menu for category selection. You can select different categories. The search button is the query function, and the poi button is the poi. You must enter a keyword for the search function. You can select a category for search. Multiple keywords are supported. Separate them with spaces. Of course, the keyword here is the and method, the or method is not used, because the number of results that should appear in the case of or is very scary. The function of displaying poi is to display the POI in the current map based on the current map range, and you can also click the bubble function, this implementation is actually using a dynamic language to directly generate kml. After kml is generated, a Google Map can directly call the kml file, which means the speed will be a little slow, after all, Google's server still needs to parse my kml file and then return it to the map display. Of course, considering the load problem, the number of kml file results is limited to 200 (This number can be adjusted), so sometimes there will be too many results, in this case, you can select different categories for display or zoom in the map to narrow down the current range. Have you understood the principles after explaining the usage? This should be a simple idea.

By the way, in fact, the dynamic generation of kml files can be used in Google Earth.ArticleI also mentioned that I did not talk too much about applications, or even if you talk about it, you didn't pay too much attention (the previous "show Chinese cities and airports in Google Earth (dynamically generate kml DEMOS) "and" show contour lines on Google Earth "are about the application of Dynamic kml ). Today, I have not put dynamic kml on Ge for application. One is to consider the load, and the other is to consider the issue of national security plug-ins, so the previous image tells everyone that dynamic kml is fully available in Ge.


By the way, the theme map page is displayed:

This theme map page is similar to this map of Shanghai and Beijing. It is the same as the map of the last Expo. In fact, the map of the Expo was modified using this modification, only a custom layer is added to the Expo map. Such a special map is completed in the form of a full file, that is, no database is used, in terms of thinking, it is also very easy to add a map. You only need to modify the xml configuration file and add the map content, without changing other places. By the way, jquery and a very powerful JS framework are used here (as I have mentioned earlier). However, protoype seems to be more powerful recently, it may be forced to transfer to protoype, but protoype is complicated.

Onlookers address: http://vtgps.cn/map/shanghai/ if you have good suggestions welcome to raise.

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