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I have been home for a few days and have a rest. It's time to learn more.

Next, I will take notes on the book "Ai In Game Development.

I am almost a Junior. I think the game direction I have chosen is still a pain point. I chose a preferred direction, but it is indeed the busiest one, which also means that I will continue to learn iOS in less time.

I do not know whether it is right or not.

Now that you have chosen this option, learn it.

No, no more. Next is the series of notes. (Continuous update)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ai

1. Qualitative AI and non-qualitative AI qualitative behaviors or their performances are specific and predictable without uncertainty.
Non-qualitative behaviors have some degree of uncertainty and are somewhat unpredictable. For example, a non-player role can learn combat tactics suitable for the player. This learning capability can be achieved through neural networks, Bayesian technology, or genetic algorithms.

2. Several mainstream games that use non-qualitative AI Methods: "Creatures", "Black & white", "battlecruiser3000ad", "fields of battle", and "heavy gear ".

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