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Mailbox settings

All git instructions are based on the user's mailbox to identify the user, so before running whatever git command. What are the user mailboxes that we should set for all git instructions?

1. Tell GitHub to make sure your mailbox is private and not public.

Log on to GitHub. Go to Home, click Setting options

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Go to the Email Settings page. Selected

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2. Tell GitHub your e-mail address

First, you can verify what your email address is at the moment.

Open a command form. Input such as the following command

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Set up your own e-mail address. format is [email protected]

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SSH security verification 1. Creating SSH

Uploading the code to GitHub requires authorization. We must authorize the use of the current user of the computer. Have access to your GitHub account. GitHub uses SSH for authorization. That means we need a private key and a public key. So how do we do it?

Open terminal, enter the command in. Note Replace the email address for the email address you just set up

And then. The terminal will prompt "Do you want to use the default location to store SSH keys?" ", you press the ENTER key directly to indicate the use of the default path

Then, prompt to set the security password, can set any one password

2. Join the SSH private key to Ssh-agent

After getting to SSH key. We need to add its private key to the ssh-agent.

First, you need to make sure that ssh-agent is available.

Then, add the private key of the SSH key you just generated to ssh-agent, and note that "~/.ssh/id_rsa" indicates where the private key of SSH key is stored. This is a default location, assuming that you are producing SSH key in the previous step. Without changing the default location. Just use "~/.ssh/id_rsa" directly.

3.github Join Public Key

Following the steps above, we created SSH key and added the private key to the ssh-agent. Next. We need to tell GitHub about the public key.

Copies the contents of the face in the public key file to the Clipboard. Note that the "~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub" is the default path to the public key, assuming that the SSH key is being produced without changing the path and being able to use it directly

Then, open the homepage of GitHub and go to the setting->>ssh and GPG keys page. Create a new SSH key and copy the contents of the Clipboard into the key text box

Warehousing creation

After the authorization is successful. We are able to create warehouses. Then upload the code into the warehouse.

Create a warehouse.

Go to Home, click New Repositorybutton

Enter the name of the repository

Warehousing was created successfully. Note that the line is the address of the remote Storage. We need to use it later.

Uploading items to GitHub

A remote Storage was created on GitHub just now. Before we upload the project code to Remote Storage. We need to clone the Remote Storage locally. The address is the address where you just created the warehouse. Where are the cloned storage locations stored locally? is the location where the current command is running. We are able to view the current working folder by entering the command PWD in the terminal

Then, put you on the project to upload to GitHub (note. Delete the git file that comes with your project. Otherwise there is a conflict). After the copy is successful, enter the following command at the terminal to enter the local managed folder (just the storage location of the local storage cloned from remote Storage).

Add the modified place to the version number Manager

Submit to the local version number control Library, which is your description of this submission.

Submit your local repository to your GitHub account

Go back to GitHub with all the above steps and you'll be able to see that the project has been uploaded successfully


Keeping your email address private

Generating a new SSH key and adding it to the ssh-agent

Adding a new SSH key to your GitHub account

Teach you the simplest open source project hosting GitHub Novice Tutorials

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