<leetcode oj>missing Number "268"

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268. Missing Numbermy SubmissionsQuestionTotal Accepted: 31740 Total Submissions: 83547 Difficulty: Medium

Given an array containing n distinct numbers taken from 0, 1, 2, ..., n , find the one and that's missing from the array.

For example,
Given nums = [0, 1, 3] return 2 .

Your algorithm should run in linear runtime complexity. Could implement it using only constant extra space complexity?

Special thanks to @jianchao. Li.fighter for adding the problem and creating all test cases.

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Hide TagsArray Math Bit manipulationHide Similar Problems(h) First Missing Positive (M) Single number (h) Find the Duplicate number

Thought first://I really took the problem, test instructions understand wrong, I thought it was doing it! Later only to understand that the original is random from 0 to size () selected some number, which has a lost, grass//Other people's algorithm: mathematical introduction, 0 to the sum of size () minus the current array and Sumclass solution {public:    int Missingnumber (vector<int>& nums) {        int sum = 0;          for (int num:nums)            sum + = num;          int n = nums.size ();          Return (n * (n + 1))/2-sum;      }};

<leetcode oj>missing Number "268"

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