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<< Available in PHP <运算符构建多行字符串序列的方法,通常称为here-document或表示为heredoc的简写。< p>

This method details the literal value of the string and preserves the underscore and other spaces (including indentation) of the string in the text. For example:

            PHP2$author = ' Wixy '; 3 echo <<<_end4thisis a headline5 thisis the first line. 6 Thisis the second line. 7 $author. 8 _end; 9 ?>

The PHP parser outputs all the content in the middle of the two _end tags, which is equivalent to a string quoted in double quotes.

This means that we can write an entire HTML language directly into the PHP code, and then replace the specific dynamic parts with PHP variables.

            PHP2$out =<<<_end3 ..... 4 _end; 5 ?>

You can also assign the contents of two tags to a variable in this way.

Note : The _end tag that is used to close must be placed on a single line, and no other content can be added to this line, even if comments or spaces are not allowed

The above describes the << in PHP<>

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