<OnlyBill> Simple Bookkeeping Software (cont.)

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<OnlyBill> accounting software officially shelves!

<OnlyBill> on No. 2.17, this is a simple bookkeeping software,

1. Support multiple bills, can have a lot of single income or expense record under each bill

2. There are 19 types of expenditure, corresponding statistics for each category (Pie chart statistics)

3. Statistics on daily income expenditure, and statistics on all income and expenses of the bill

4. A line chart is available for daily income and expenditure.

5. Support the addition, deletion and modification of billing and records.

6. Toggle the background map.

7. Support ios7.0 and above, only support iphone.

8. The content is simply expressed in English, and the data is only localized for the time being (post-consideration server support).

So much for the time being, you can search the App Store for Onlybill to download to:

Hope that we have a lot of support, free to go to the App Store download to experience the next haha, thank you!

I do this app is usually practiced practiced hand, involved in the knowledge point is not much, welcome everyone enthusiastically put forward suggestions and questions, common discussion, can message me or email:[email protected]

<OnlyBill> Simple Bookkeeping Software (cont.)

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