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<Scrum and XP in smoke> This book has an electronic version. It has been downloaded in info Q China and can be searched by yourself,

It was written by Swedish scrum experts. It is very vivid and has a very practical significance. It is easy to read and complete in a day or two,

It is recommended to read. The following is a summary of some highlights (of course, a lot of highlights are in the mind, not to write)

1. the user stories in the product backlog generally include the following fields:



Importance level: Give a score with a differentiation interval, such as 10, 20, 30

Initial Estimation: Estimate by person/day. It is best for every Member to give an estimate.

How to demonstrate:


Bug Tracking ID:


2. The product owner must attend the Sprint plan meeting.

3. Sprint plan meeting schedule: 1) General Introduction 2) Team estimation time, understanding each entry 3) team selection story to be placed in the sprint

4) set a fixed time and place for daily scrum meetings

4. The Sprint length cannot be too long or too short.

5. You can create an index card, write down the importance, estimate the time, create small cards, and post the cards to the task board. You can move them freely, for example, the leftmost card.

Low priority, high rightmost priority, and team members move cards through discussion to increase the enthusiasm of members to participate.

6. Estimate poker. The goal is to let every participant make an estimation. The score between each playing card should be pulled apart. After each person estimates the score, he can present it at the same time.

7. When arranging a team room, let the team sit together and let the product manager stay closest to the team.

8. In the sprint demonstration, the core business needs to be demonstrated, rather than the details, so that the audience can try the product by themselves.

9. Organize the sprint review meeting. Participants should include product owners and take turns to give speeches. Summarize what is done well, what is not done well, and what needs to be improved in the future.

10. Let Everyone rest and have time to think before the sprint review meeting and the next Sprint plan MEETING

11 put the testers to the scrum team for work

12 if there are multiple teams, synchronize the sprint between them

If there are more than 13 teams, use staggered daily meetings

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