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Atan2, Sinh, cosh, Tanh 4 should not be used.

Name of function Describe Example Results
Pi Pi Math.PI 3.1415926535898
Abs Take absolute value Math.Abs (-2012) 2012
Ceil Rounding up Math.ceil (9.1) 10
Floor Rounding down Math.floor (9.9) 9
Max Take parameter Maximum value Math.max (2,4,6,8) 8
Min Take the minimum value of the parameter Math.min (2,4,6,8) 2
Pow Calculates the y power of X Math.pow (2,16) 65536
sqrt Open Square MATH.SQRT (65536) 256
MoD Take the mold Math.mod (65535,2) 1
Modf Taking integers and fractional parts MATH.MODF (20.12) 20 0.12
Randomseed Set random number Seed Math.randomseed (Os.time ())  
Random Take a random number Math.random (5,90) 5~90
Rad Angle to radians Math.rad (180) 3.1415926535898
Deg Radian to Angle Math.deg (Math.PI) 180
Exp E's X-square Math.exp (4) 54.598150033144
Log Calculates the natural logarithm of X Math.log (54.598150033144) 4
Log10 Calculates the logarithm of 10 for the base and X MATH.LOG10 (1000) 3
Frexp Splits the parameter into the form x * (2 ^ y) Math.frexp (160) 0.625 8
Ldexp Calculate x * (2 ^ y) Math.ldexp (0.625,8) 160
Sin Sinusoidal Math.sin (Math.rad (30)) 0.5
Cos Cosine Math.Cos (Math.rad (60)) 0.5
Tan Tangent Math.tan (Math.rad (45)) 1
Asin Anyway chord Math.deg (Math.asin (0.5)) 30
ACOs Inverse cosine Math.deg (Math.acos (0.5)) 60
Atan Anyway cut Math.deg (Math.atan (1)) 45

LUA Math Library

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