Lua1.0 Code Analysis INOUT.C

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INOUT.C Code Analysis
The main view of the processing of files

1234567891011121314 /*** Function to open a file to be input unit.** Return 0 on success or 1 on error.*/intlua_openfile (char*fn){ lua_linenumber = 1; lua_setinput (fileinput); lua_setunput (fileunput); fp = fopen(fn, "r"); if(fp == NULL) return1; if(lua_addfile (fn)) return1; return0;}

Pass in the script file name, set the current input behavior 1 set the file to read and put back. Open the file and set the file handle. Add the file to the file list. Lua_addfile is defined in the table.c, wait until the table.c to do the analysis again.

12345678 /*** Function to get the next character from the input file*/staticint fileinput (void){ int c = fgetc (fp); return(c == EOF ? 0 : c);}

Read a character from a file handle

1234567 /*** Function to unget the next character from to input file*/staticvoid fileunput (int c){ ungetc(c, fp);}

Put a character back in the file handle
int lua_openstring (char *s) is similar to Lua_openfile, except that the file name is represented by a string that begins with a "string".

12345678910111213141516 /*** Called to execute SETFUNCTION opcode, this function pushs a function into** function stack. Return 0 on success or 1 on error.*/intlua_pushfunction (intfile, intfunction){ if (nfuncstack >= MAXFUNCSTACK-1) {  lua_error ("function stack overflow");  return1; } funcstack[nfuncstack].file = file; funcstack[nfuncstack].function = function; nfuncstack++; return0;}

Set the function in the script to the function stack. Record its file name and function address.

Lua1.0 Code Analysis INOUT.C

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