LUCENE/SOLR Search engine Development Series-1th chapter SOLR Installation and Deployment (jetty)

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First, why blog write "LUCENE/SOLR Search engine Development Series"

I graduated in 2011, 2011-2014 of the three years, in Shenzhen, the top 50 enterprises, engaged in the field of industrial control machine vision direction, the main use of language for C + +; now working in a large state-owned enterprise owned e-commerce company, mainly using language as Java, Responsible for the development of the company's next-generation search engine, so open this series to summarize their learning process on the LUCENE/SOLR, at the same time, also hope to give the search engine development interested friends some help and inspiration.

Ii. Brief introduction of Lucene and SOLR

Lucene is a sub-project of the Apache Software Foundation 4 Jakarta Project group and is a Open Source Code Full-Text Search engine toolkit, which is not a full-text search engine, but a full-text search engine architecture that provides a complete query engine and index engine, partly Text Analysis Engine (English and German two Western languages). Lucene's goal is to provide software developers with a simple and easy-to-use toolkit to facilitate full-text retrieval in the target system, or to build a complete full-text search engine on this basis.

SOLR (read as "solar") is an open source enterprise search platform for the Apache Lucene project. Its main functions include full-text search, hit-mark, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, and rich text (such as word, PDF) processing. SOLR is highly extensible and provides distributed search and index replication. SOLR is the most popular enterprise-class search engine, and SOLR 4 adds NoSQL support. SOLR is a standalone full-text Search server written in Java that runs in a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat or jetty. SOLR uses the Lucene Java Search Library as the core of full-text indexing and searching, and has a rest-like Http/xml and JSON API. SOLR's powerful external configuration makes it possible to adapt to multiple types of applications without the need for Java encoding. SOLR has a plug-in architecture to support more advanced customization.

Since the 2010 Apache Lucene and Apache SOLR Project were merged, two projects were made by the same Apache Software Foundation development team. When referring to technology or products, LUCENE/SOLR or Solr/lucene are the same.

Iii. download of SOLR

solr Download Link: , this machine is using the solr-4.9.1 version, it is recommended to use the latest version, in the Windows environment, it is recommended to use the Download *.zip compressed package.

Iv. the installation configuration of SOLR in jetty

Figure 1-1 SOLR file directory

1, the download decompression to the specified path, I extracted here is the E:\solr-4.9.1 directory, as shown in 1-1;

Figure 1-2 cmd command-line environment

2, the use of CMD switch to directory E:\solr-4.9.1\example, and then enter the command Java–jar Start.jar, the command is used to start the jetty server, and SOLR is running on the jetty server, wait a few seconds, the service started to complete;

Figure 1-3 SOLR background run successfully

3. On the address bar of the browser, enter HTTP://LOCALHOST:8983/SOLR , I'm using Google Chrome, and if a page like 1-3 appears, the configuration of SOLR on the jetty server is complete.

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LUCENE/SOLR Search engine Development Series-1th chapter SOLR Installation and Deployment (jetty)

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