Lucky and good Months by Gregorian Calendar (POJ 3393)

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A popular Science article, article 80% is useless information, because all is common sense, but also have to see, because 20% is ordinary people do not know the historical knowledge.


Goog Month: Month of Monday for the first business day

Luckly Month: Month of Friday for the last working day

Q: Given a time-closed interval of the high Gregorian calendar in a Gregorian calendar (that is, the end of the month is included)

"Start year, month" ~ "End year, month"

How many goog month are there in this time interval, and how many luckly month

Article Highlights:

Gregorian calendar Gregorian High is now widely used in the Gregorian calendar (Western calendar), hereinafter referred to as GC

The GC starts at 1 January 1, the date of Saturday

GC common year has 365 days, leap year 366 days (February more than 1 days)

GC has 12 months, the number of days of the month and the current use of Western calendar consistent

GC before 1582 (excluding 1582), a leap year if it can be divisible by 4

After 1582 years (including 1582), the GC judges the criteria for a leap year (any one of the following):

(1) can be divisible by 4, but not divisible by 100;

(2) can be divisible by 400.

For historical reasons, the GC prescribes 1700 as a leap year unconditionally

Due to historical reasons, the GC stipulates that September 3, 1752 ~ 13th a total of 11 days does not exist, that is, September 1752 only 19 days

GC has 7 days in a week, sorted for Sun,mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat, and now Monday, where Mon to Fri for weekdays, Sun and Sat for rest day

#include <cstdio>#include<iostream>#include<cstring>using namespacestd;intmnum[ -]={0, to, -, to, -, to, -, to, to, -, to, -, to};intrnum[ -]={0, to, in, to, -, to, -, to, to, -, to, -, to};intnu52[ -]={0, to, in, to, -, to, -, to, to, +, to, -, to};intrr[10010],rr_b[10010],good[10010][ -],lucky[10010][ -];intRunintx) {    if(Rr_b[x])returnRr[x]; RR_B[X]=1; if(x<1582&&x%4==0) rr[x]=1; Else if(x==1700) rr[x]=1; Else if(% -==0) rr[x]=1; Else if(%4==0&&x% -!=0) rr[x]=1; returnrr[x];}voidWork () {intday=5;  for(intI=1; i<=10000; i++)//Cycle Year    {         for(intj=1; j<= A; j + +)//Cycle Month        {            if(j==1)//difference between January and the ordinary month{Good[i][j]=good[i-1][ A]; LUCKY[I][J]=lucky[i-1][ A]; }            Else{Lucky[i][j]=lucky[i][j-1]; GOOD[I][J]=good[i][j-1]; }            if(i==1752)//1752            {                  intGd= (day+1)%7, ld= (Day+nu52[j])%7; if(gd==1|| gd==6|| gd==0) good[i][j]+=1; if(ld==5|| ld==6|| ld==0) lucky[i][j]+=1; Day= (Day+nu52[j])%7; }            Else if(Run (i))//Normal leap year            {                intGd= (day+1)%7, ld= (Day+rnum[j])%7; if(gd==1|| gd==6|| gd==0) good[i][j]+=1; if(ld==5|| ld==6|| ld==0) lucky[i][j]+=1; Day= (Day+rnum[j])%7; }            Else//average year            {                intGd= (day+1)%7, ld= (Day+mnum[j])%7; if(gd==1|| gd==6|| gd==0) good[i][j]+=1; if(ld==5|| ld==6|| ld==0) lucky[i][j]+=1; Day= (Day+mnum[j])%7; }        }    }}intMain () {intx,xm,y,ym,t;    Work (); scanf ("%d",&T);  while(t--) {scanf ("%d%d%d%d",&x,&xm,&y,&ym); if(xm==1) printf ("%d%d\n", lucky[y][ym]-lucky[x-1][ A],good[y][ym]-good[x-1][ A]); Elseprintf"%d%d\n", lucky[y][ym]-lucky[x][xm-1],good[y][ym]-good[x][xm-1]); }//Notice that XM is January.    return 0;}
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Lucky and good Months by Gregorian Calendar (POJ 3393)

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