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This is an article previously written in my QQ space and is now migrated to 51cto. We hope this will help you in the Android development and debugging process.

I am an Android developer. Recently I encountered a very tangled problem, that is, some of my mobile phone tests have problems with usb connections. After thinking of a solution, wifi is now quite common for developers. So here we will share with you how to use wifi for app debugging to replace usb debugging.

First of all, there are a lot of such tutorials on the Internet, but most of them have some problems. If you have any questions, contact us at any time.

Step 1: Set the phone: Download the Super Terminal Better Terminal. Various major markets should be large and large, And I downloaded them on pods. After the download is complete, install it on your mobile phone and click to enter. There is an option to enable gui or shell. for android Developers, we certainly choose a shell that is awesome. Enter the following content:
Setprop service. adb. tcp. port 5555
Stop adbd
Start adbd
In this way, the network debugging port of the tcpip is configured on your mobile phone.

Step 2: configure the computer: connect the mobile phone to the computer through usb, cmd to the platform-tools directory under your androidsdk directory to execute:
Adb tcpips 5555
Switch the adb on the machine to the network mode, followed by 5555 is the port number, of course you can also write other port numbers, as long as your phone's port number is not used.

Step 3: Computer Configuration: Run cmd and enter
Adb connect <your mobile IP address>: 5555
For example, adb connect 5555, where is the IP address of my mobile phone. You can enter the IP address of your mobile phone.
If the connection is successful, the following message is displayed: connected to 5555.
Now your computer can be connected to the computer through wifi for debugging. Of course, you can debug it through eclipse.

Step 4: After you use wifi debugging, connect to your mobile phone and enter adb usb in cmd to switch back to usb debugging.

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