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Eduvps is a dedicated to learn and provide a free VPS host, because it is purely personal to provide and focus on the use of learning tests, so even if the application of the Eduvps free VPS, there are not open machine, can not connect VPS host and so on, And most of the VPS host applications have different problems in the use process.

This article is the tribe borrowed the "attack" Bo Master application to the VPS host to write the performance evaluation of the VPS host, their application of the two free VPS host dead and Dead also not connected, do not know if the future will be able to restore use. From the test data statistics, EDUVPS free VPS can be used to build the site.

In addition, play VPS host friends should have contacted the Lumanager of this domestic VPS host Control Panel, similar to the WDCP, the function is relatively strong, the station simple operation, very easy to start. One of the lumanager that makes tribes more interested is to use the Lumanager CDN Acceleration feature to configure the Nginx cache acceleration site.

This article will share how to install the Lumanager VPS Host Control Panel on the VPS host, the method of using Lumanager to build Cdn The tribe will share in the next article, more VPS Control Panel

Lumanager VPS Host Control Panel installation and EDUVPS free VPS evaluation

First, EDUVPS free VPS performance evaluation

1, Eduvps free VPS Application Tutorial Reference: Eduvps for learning and provide free VPS host application success and use

2, this is already applied for success and activation of the Eduvps free Vps,ip paragraph seems to be different from mine:

3, with Xshell login Eduvps VPS Host, to view the memory and other related information, this is 512MB.

4, and then test the download speed, will be near 100mb/s, very good.

5, this is two times to test hard disk read and write speed.

6, this is the VPS Classic Performance test Run Division tool unixbench 5 test score Results: 683 (click to enlarge)

Ii. problems encountered in the use of Eduvps free VPS

1, this is the Eduvps free VPS CPU configuration details. (Click to enlarge)

2, in the use of Eduvps VPS mainframe process, found that the disk has been full error.

3, with DF-LH to see the size of the VPS hard disk, found only 3GB, and have been used up, is it the application of the VPS configuration when the size of the hard disk to adjust the small?

4, the current use of Eduvps free VPS One of the biggest problem is the network connectivity, including in the use of the process will also have inexplicable network interruption.

Three, one key fast installation Lumanager VPS Host Control Panel

1, Lumanager (LUM) is based on FreeBSD, Zijidelu, Debian, Centos, Ubuntu and other Linux/unix system Web server management software, Lumanager main features are: Load Balancing, CDN Static content acceleration , Nginx and Apache free switch, support package customization, memcached cache management.

2, to install Lumanager VPS Host Control Panel, the simplest and fastest way is to execute the following code:

wget; chmod 740; ./ -y

3, the implementation of code, the first will require you to select the Download node, foreign VPS is generally the choice of United States node.

4, then select the installation version.

5, if it is Redhat series system, will prompt you to use the RPM package to quickly install Lunamp, this method can save a lot of time.

6, installation of the above operation, the program began to automatically download and compile, according to the performance of the VPS, the installation of the Lumanager will not take the same time, the installation after the success of the prompts to enter Y restart.

7, Lumanager background login address: http://ip:8888 (IP address for your server to be replaced or resolved to the IP domain name) Lum background user name and password: Zijidelu zijidelu

Iv. problems encountered during the installation of Lumanager Control Panel

1, can not successfully complete the automatic installation of the environment package, and finally the manual method to complete.

Debian系统:apt-get -y install gcc g++ ssh make bzip2 flex vim bison libtool libncurses5-dev libncurses5 libncurses5-dev libncurses5-dev libpcrecpp0 patch ntpdate openssl libssl-dev build-essential file gawk binutils parted zip unzip libperl-dev perl ftp libreadline-devCentOS系统:yum -y reinstall gcc gcc-c++ bzip2 make vixie-cron flex ncurses-devel wget patch ntp libxml2 libxml2-devel libevent m4 autoconf zip unzip libjpeg libjpeg-devel gd gd-devel freetype freetype-devel libpng libpng-devel openssl openssl-devel file libtool libtool-libs gmp-devel pspell-devel parted zlib perl mod_perl-devel apr-util ftp readline-devel readline-devel apr apr-util curl-devel

2. When installing Lumanager in Windows Azure, the prompt does not have root permission, and finally the Sudo method is used to resolve it.

Five, Lumanager VPS and Eduvps use summary

1, from the hard disk read and write speed, bandwidth download speed and Unixbench 5 test score results, EDUVPS free VPS host performance is good, free VPS can have such performance can also be counted, of course, there may be other people to apply for VPS host mediocre performance.

2, Lumanager and WDCP, is the function of a more complete VPS host management system, and the use of a relatively simple, there is a dedicated team in the maintenance, if you encounter problems or find procedures for major vulnerabilities, can be feedback from the developers and upgrade updates.

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