Luo Yonghao vs Wang ziru: How can we reduce the temperature of an impetuous world ?!

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During this time, one thing in the smartphone industry has been surging, which may be ups and downs. I think everyone may have heard of it. At noon yesterday, I saw the "Luo Yonghao yundun video" in the group, so I was curious about it. Just a few minutes after the opening, as Luo said: Both of them still maintain the "Calm, calm, and good conservation" posture of the debater, but looking at it, you will feel the smell of fire and medicine from the dark, so that my original calm heart-anger is getting stronger and stronger, fills the whole mind (slightly exaggerated ). I couldn't see it for less than 30 minutes. There should be a few friends who share the same feelings with me. My feelings are described in just a few words:Irony,Funny,Darkness.

Speaking of this, I think it is necessary to talk about my thoughts before watching this video. Some time ago, Wang freely's Evaluation Agency published a Mobile Phone Evaluation video of smartisan T1. I read an introduction article about the evaluation in a self-media. I just smiled at the incident and were not interested in watching the video. In this era of No-topic and no-hype, I naturally guess: this may be a deliberate speculation. If Luo wins, it will be a more powerful brand promotion in the face of adversity. Luo Yonghao and Wang ziru, none of us are quite comfortable. They simply look at them with a neutral attitude-they thought they would speak in fact, but they were filled with indignation. The only advantage is that I thought I had worn out the "angry youth" in my middle school, But after watching this video, I found that it was still there, it is hidden in the bottom of my heart. Then I thought about it, maybe I am still too young, and I feel too heavy about justice or injustice (self-ridicule ).

Let's talk about how I have watched nearly 1/4 clips of this PK video. Among them, Wang freely mentioned many times that it was also mentioned in the evaluation video as follows: mobile phones are prone to broken screens, poor heat dissipation, and poor static protection. If you are not familiar with it, you will be fooled by the public's "professional" evaluation. More importantly: during the on-site debate, Wang freely paused and avoided answering questions for many times. He was even difficult to justify himself. Friends who had watched the video should also have their own judgment. Some netizens said: Wang ziru is eloquent or not prepared in advance... in fact, I want to say: if Luo convinced you, is it just because of his eloquence ?! If eloquence can decide whether to win or lose the debate, will it be able to hide your ears and do whatever you want ?!Do you believe in eloquence that is not supported by facts ?! The eyes of the masses are all bright and bright. If you treat consumers as fools-deception and deception, you will not be able to do anything long after all!

Maybe we are too impetuous, or I will not be so upset when writing this article. It is true that this is an impetuous world, and we are becoming increasingly impatient. Farming needs to grow fast, be famous for becoming "red", and start a business for the benefit: vicious Competition and dark box operations.

After talking so much about it, it actually comes back to the essence. What I want to say at the end is:How should we treat new products?How is the quality of the hammer mobile phone? Before Wang ziru's video event evaluation, we all know a little about it: the details are not handled well, the buttons feel poor, there are security or quality risks ..., however, none of these will affect my expectations for smartisan T1-except for being touched by the feelings conveyed by the old Luo hammer mobile phone conference, I did understand Lao Luo's meticulous craftsmanship in some user experience. Others are: China needs people like Lao Luo who focus on products, from the perspective of an ordinary consumer, I do not want to see Xiaomi's mobile phone stand out in the future. What Xiaomi meets is the rigid demand for users to pursue "cost-effective mobile phones, product design and innovation are mediocre, at least not comparable to the hammer mobile phone. I hope to see the appearance of excellent Chinese mobile phones, so that the monotonous and innovative mobile phone market can be richer and more exciting. I think you are the same.We should be more tolerant of new products, because no new product is perfect for market launch.How many generations have the iPhone had such excellent quality ?!The hammer may be naturally proud and eye-catching. If it is mediocre, I think Wang ziru will not and will not be interested in doing such an unprecedented and vigorous mobile phone analysis and evaluation...

I want to talk a lot more about it, but I am afraid of being hacked. You can watch this video, and I am grateful for this video. It makes me a topic of writing...

Finally, I used Zhang Xiaolong's sentence to end this article: What I said is wrong.


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Luo Yonghao vs Wang ziru: How can we reduce the temperature of an impetuous world ?!

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