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Today, I came back from Hangzhou to take the EMU, with a female next to me. The students look like they are holding a copy of" 51job . I learned that I am a graduate student from Northeast China. This year 1 I graduated from Beijing Emy of science and technology in a month and learned the best major in this school. I want to find a job in Shanghai, but the price is not high, 3 K Enough, but come to Shanghai 2 I have not been able to find a suitable job for more than a month. She said: Many organizations reject me because I am a female. This is not gender discrimination! I have no bad things and a cheerful personality. I can receive scholarships, student council cadres, and Foreign Language exchanges every year. Why can't I be asked by any organization ?? Male students in our class are looking for jobs 4 , 5 K I think they are not as good as me in January ......


Alas, the children who just came out of the school now can see how ridiculous they think! I think the problem is not a hierarchical way of thinking.I'm not like her, too ?? After so many years of work experience, it seems that I have not taught me a lot. In fact, I found that I have changed a lot.


I patiently talked to her and helped her analyze the reasons: Engineering girls, non-local accounts, unpopular majors, high education (meaning high risk and higher salary), no experience, in addition, she is impatient with her current mentality. When she runs into almost one unit, she is not familiar with the voting unit. She is not a confidant (has no experience) and doesn't know either of them.Offer? She even said, "I once told the employer that although I have a postgraduate degree, I am willing to apply for a job as an undergraduate student at your requirement ......" My God, I told her, "Do you think differently? You are the boss. Do you want to meet such a candidate? I feel a little confident ."


Finally advise graduation1-3During the year, children: learn more about society and deal with people as much as possible. Society will teach you a lot of things.


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