LVM commands-Quick Reference

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Physical Volume command
Pvcreate create an LVM disk (physical volume)
Pvdisplay displays the physical volume information in the volume group.
Pvchange sets the PV performance and allows or rejects the allocation of another pe from this disk.
Pvmove move the assigned pe from the source to the destination in a volume group Volume Group Command
Vgcreate creates a volume group.
Vgdisplay displays the volume group information.
Vgchange activates or revokes a volume group and allows or does not use quorum to mount the volume group.
Vgreduce deletes a disk to reduce the volume group. vgscan scans all disks for logical volume groups.
Vgsync synchronous Image
Remove delete a volume group.
Vgexport deletes a volume group from the system, but does not modify the physical volume-based information.
Vgimport adds a volume group to the system by scanning the physical volume output using the vgexport command.
Vgcfgbackup stores the configuration information of the volume group. Remember that a volume group contains one or more physical volumes.
Vgcfgrestore resumes the configuration of the volume group Logical volume command
Lvcreate generates a logical volume.
Lvdisplay displays the logical volume information.
Lvchange changes the features of logical volumes, including availability, scheduling policy, permission, block relocation, allocation policy, and image cache availability.
Lvextend increases logical volume space
Extendfs extension file system size
Lvreduce reduces logical volume space
Lvremove Delete logical volume
Logical volume of the lvsplit Image
Lvmerge combines lvsplit logical volumes
Lvsync logical volume Synchronization
Lvmmigrate prepares a root file system for logical volume migration in one partition
Lvlnboot is used to create the root, primary swap, or dump logical volume.
Lvrmboot deletes the logical volume created by lvlnboot

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