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LVM type Storage Pool-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (8)

Storage Pool of LVM type

Not only can a file be assigned to the client as a virtual disk, but the LV in the VG on the host can also be allocated to the virtual machine for use as a virtual disk.
However, LV because there is no MBR boot record of the disk, can not be used as the boot disk of the virtual machine, only as a data disk.

In this configuration, the VG on the host is a Storage POOL,VG in the LV is Volume.
The advantages of LV are better performance, the lack of management and mobility is not as good as image files, and can not be used remotely over the network.

Let's give an example.

First, a VG with a capacity of 10G was created on the host, named HOSTVG.

It then creates a definition file for the Storage Pool/etc/libvirt/storage/hostvg.xml, which contains

Then create a new Storage Pool "HOSTVG" with the Virsh command

and enable this HOSTVG

Now we can add the LV virtual disk to the VM Kvm1 in Virt-manager.

Click Browse

You can see that HOSTVG is already in the list of Stroage Pool, select HOSTVG

Name the volume NEWLV and set the size to 100MB

Click Finish,newlv to create a successful

Click Choose Volume

Click Finish to confirm adding newlv as volume to KVM1

New Volume added successfully
On the host, there is an LV named NEWLV.

Other types of storage Pool

KVM also supports iscsi,ceph and other types of Storage Pool, which is not described here, the most common is the directory type, other types can refer to the document

In the next section we will begin to discuss the principles of KVM network virtualization true techarticle LVM type Storage pool-5 minutes a day to play with OpenStack (8) LVM type Storage Pool not only a file can be assigned to the client as a virtual disk, the L ... in the VG on the host .

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