Lync 2010 Migrated Lync 2013 deployment after the front-end service failed to start a processing case

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After Lync Server 2013 deployment, the front-end service fails to start, prepares to remove the topology, removes the Lync component, removes the AD domain schema preparation, and removes the ADSI schema.

At that time the operation steps are as follows, a little rough, for reference:

1, remove-csconferencedirectory-identity 3-force

2. Lync Server 2013 deployment is removed from the topology

3. Publish the topology

3. Delete Lync Components

4, Stop-cswindowsservice

5. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\deployment\bootstrapper.exe/scorch

6, and the implementation of Disable-csaddomain Disable-csadforest

7, ADSI did not have a pool of 2010, Cn=1:1 No. To verify the specific use of bootstrapper.exe.

8, the new ad domain, in the topology of the new Lync Server 2013 front End Pool, publish the topology, the automatic backend re-create the database, success.

When you perform a Lync component installation, install a central store, install components, assign certificates, and start a service, the front-end service fails to start, prompting the backend to be unavailable.

The front end still fails to start the task of installing components on the backend.

According to the back-end error, prompt Rtcxds,rtcab,lcslog login failed. Adding Byd\rtccomponentuniversalservices to database users and roles

The front-end service started successfully.

9. Open Lync Server 2013 Control Panel cannot open, prompt does not install SILVERLIGHT5, also prompt after installation, use Web page to open Lync Server 2013 Control Panel.

Migrating users (forcing) displays a string of numbers from the Old pool 2010 (no longer exists), moving 2013, three users unable to migrate, prompting insufficient permissions.

10. Modify the SRV records in DNS, remove the SRV of and lync13, point to, and the automatic configuration login will still display the Lync Server 2010 of the information to wait for DNS synchronization to complete.

Next work is to put OWA, edge deployment, add PSTN, etc.

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Lync 2010 Migrated Lync 2013 deployment after the front-end service failed to start a processing case

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