Lync WEB Scheduler Deployment

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Microsoft Lync Web Scheduleris based on aWebThe program, when you do not haveMicrosoft Outlookor located not based onWindowsoperating system, you can use the program to createLyncmeetings. WithWeb Scheduler, you can use your favorite e-mail program to create new meetings, change existing meetings, and send invitations.

This feature is not available by default and is not open before deployment Web Scheduler the link to the portal, the error page is as follows:

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now, step by step, deploy and enable Lync Web Scheduler , environmental use Skype for Business Server .

view the defined simple URL

$a =get-cssimpleurlconfiguration$a.simpleurl

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use the following command to add Webscheduler New and Simple Url

$urlEntry = New-cssimpleurlentry-url "" $SIMPLEURL = new-cssimpleurl-component "Webscheduler" -domain "*"-simpleurlentry $urlEntry-activeurl "" set-cssimpleurlconfiguration [email protected]{add= $SIMPLEURL}–verbose

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Special Note:

if URL changes, please put


Replaced by


And then re-add it.

Create a new simple after the URL executes the view command, the result shows the successful addition

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Add DNS Record Scheduler

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Open Front End server SFB Deployment Wizard, step 3, re-request and assign certificates, add

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Execution BootStrapper , enable the new role

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View IIS, the HTTPS redirection rule for scheduler.juc.cnhas been created

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Browser Open Check if deployment is successful

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can display normally, login, new Meeting

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Successfully created a meeting

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Lync WEB Scheduler Deployment

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